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two pea sized hard lumps underneath the skin on shaft of penis

Hi. I am a male, age 24 years and 10months. Height 175cm and weight 72kg.

About 7 months ago, in July 2012, I realised a small sized hard lump, probably 2-3mm in diameter, at the shaft of my penis UNDERNEATH my skin. it is not a growth on the skin nor does it seem like a skin condition. This hard lump does not hurt in anyway. It does not present any pain during erection, sexual intercourse, peeing, whatsoever.

This lump is very obvious when my penis is erected to the extent that it is visible with the naked eye. When the penis is not erected, it is not visible to the eye, but can be easily felt with touch.

About two months ago, in November 2012, I realised that another small hard lump had appeared, ALONG the length of the penis, just beside the original hard lump. This new lump has the same characteristics as the first one. Painless whatsoever and is underneath the skin. In addition, the ORIGINAL lump had now become bigger and is approximately the size of a pea, about 5mm in diameter.

Upon closer inspection, I realised that there seems to be a ligament/muscle that is adjoined to the two lumps and is running along the length of the penis.

Currently, both lumps are visible when the penis is erected. And not visible when the penis is not erected but can be easily be felt with touch.

Throughout the past 7 months, I have been able to have a normal painless erection, pee normally and in addition have sexual intercourse normally.

I have been sexually active for the past 2 years. I doubt that this is an STD, as I have only had one sexual partner in the pass two years and likewise for my parner.

I have also done a physical examination of my testicles. and no abnormality has been found whatsoever. no lumps, no inflammation.

I am circumcised.

Finally I am diagnoised with ankylosing spondylitis and have been on the medication Etoricoxib (Arcoxia), 120mg, for the past 4 years. I eat an average of approximately 3 120mg tablets every 2 months.
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Hi all,

i did some google-ing and i found that my condition might be something like calcification of the dorsal vein, thrombosis or Lymphangiosclerosis?

but with thrombosis and Lymphangiosclerosis, the lumps should have gone away by 5-6 weeks following first appearance. but mine has not.

any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Hi all,

in addition, the lumps do NOT move with the skin.

any help will be appreciated. Please.
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include cysts, warts, infections (possibly non-STD), fibrosis etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician or a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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