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after  resent  trip to doctor  for check-up,  doctors  office called for  me to come back in for another urine  test as  they  found  red and  white  blood cells.  I  fell  fine  and  do not  think  i  have  an infection..  any  thoughts  i  am  69  years  old
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I am not a doctor, but would say the presence of white blood cells means the body is fighting an infection somewhere and the red blood cells  indicate it is a urinary tract infection.

Good luck.
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Normally 5-20 WBC /hpf are present in urine. If there is any elevation of the WBC count, then it means that some place in the urinary tract or kidneys is inflamed. The most common cause for WBCs (leukocyturia) is a bacterial infection, for example, a bladder infection.

To diagnose a UTI please get a complete urine examination and urine culture done.

Presence of RBC in urine means a number of reasons. The RBC’s can come from the kidneys due to damage to the kidneys due to inflammation (glomerulonephritis). It could possibly be due to stone in the kidneys also. I’ll suggest getting an ultrasound done to rule out the presence of a stone in the urinary tract which is the commonest pathology resulting in RBC’s in urine.

I sincerely hope that helps. Take care

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