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urgent bladder / vaginal problem. want to die, so much pain.

Hi there, i have a serious problem and need serious help. I have tried specialists but my parents stopped caring. I am 21 years old and have had a severe bladder problem for almost 2+ years now. I need to pee EVERY 10 MINS+- and this is not an exaggeration. I am also always thirsty but diabities have been checked off. The last urologist that i went to ,injected botox into my bladder but it seems worse. ( about 10 months ago ) He said that my bladder walls are being eaten away by bacteria or something. Currently , the inside of my vagin! is extremely sore. It has been feeling RAW, swollen and it burns with or without urination. My urine is dark yellow with particles floating around. There is thin white goo around my area. My bladder ( or lady parts )are swollen. The lower part of my abdomen is also very painful. My stool looks like it has fungus on it and has a thick green mucus around. ( i have also been constipated and gassy ) i am in SO much pain and discomfort. I feel like killing myself. I dont know what else to do or where to go. Might it be possible that it is a variety of infections/utis or stds that cause some of this? Because it has been ongoing for a lonh long time. Even my sleep / life is disrupted. Any point to the right direction or medical professional would help sooo much. Please !!
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Hi there.   This is a prolapse forum, just to make that clear.    However it is important to note that constipation can cause too much pressure on pelvic organs so this does need to be addressed.   Also, constipation will press on your bladder and make it feel worse.
I see your Urologist has already told you that bacteria is eating your bladder wall.    I also have this and have long term antibiotic treatment which is helping me with infection and pain etc that is so common with this type of embedded infection.   Is your Urologist treating you with antibiotics and if not then I would go back to them to ask why they are not treating a bladder wall infection with antibiotics.
If you have had antibiotics and this has increased your gas and constipation then consider taking acidophilus.   I take a lot of this and also make my own milk kefir to keep my bowel inhabited by healthy bacteria.  
You may wish to look up the FODMAPs diet as well as this can help with bloating and gas.   I also have a FODMAPs issue which refers to foods that feed types of bacteria in the gut that produce gas etc.   I have had success with this diet in reducing gas etc.,   Ask your GP/Dr for help with this and you can look on line at this diet as well which is simple to apply.
I understand how very difficult it is to live with debilitating bladder and urethral pain and constantly needing to pass urine as well as the lack of sleep and many other issues.   You are not alone.   You could also post in the Urology and bladder forums.  
There are labs as well that you can send urine samples to in the USA that do longer duration urine testing so you could consider sending a urine sample to one of these labs as well
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Go to an ob/gyn who is a specialist in the urinary tract; I think they are called a gynecologic urologist but am not sure.  
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You may be referring to Urogynecologists... yes they may help but are not necessarily any more able to deal with a chronic UTI issue than a Urologist.  
It may be worth a go though
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