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urinalysis results

I've had a very long problem with frequent urination and feeling like I still have to go even after I've just emptied my bladder.  I also almost constantly feel a very, very slight pressure in my lower abdomen, but years ago an ultrasound was negative.  I've had several urine tests over the years that have all come back negative for everything - I've never had a UTI.  

My latest urine test is the first I've had in at least two years, and my symptoms are progressing.  I have extreme daytime fatigue and muscle weakness and have to urinate at least once every half hour (unless I don't drink anything, in which case I can go as long as 2 hours but at that point I will feel a slight pain in my abdomen as if something is swollen, and then I will only void maybe 5 ounces at most).

The clean catch urine test showed was done in the morning, and I didn't have time for breakfast so I had not eaten anything in 14 hours, but I had about 10 ounces of water.
The results showed:  yellow/cloudy, Leukocytes esterase - 3+, Protein - trace, nitrate - neg, blood - 3+, WBC 2 -4, RBC 0-2, bacteria 1+, spec gravity 1.020, bilrubin - neg, urobilinogen - .2, ketone - neg, pH 6.0, squamous epithelial cells - rare, glucose - 1+.

I don't really have any signs or symptoms of infection, by my period had just ended about 2 days prior, so I'm wondering if the leukocytes, blood, etc could be a result of that, maybe I still had some very light spotting that contaminated the urine sample?

My real question though is what would cause glucose in my urine?  It never showed up on the countless urine tests I had in the past.  I've read that it could show 1+ after a high carb meal, but as I said I hadn't eaten in at least 14 hours, and my diet is fairly balanced and healthy, not extremely high in carbs or sugar.  None of my doctors have ever suspected diabetes, but about a year and a half ago a random glucose test was normal (85).  I am 35, female, 5ft 3 1/2 and 114lbs so my weight is pretty healthy. I don't exercise as much as I should because of the worsening weakness, so I don't do any strenuous exercise but I try to at least go for a walk every day and I've never just been completely inactive.  Oh, and I'm definitely not pregnant.

I think a reading of glucose 1+ is fairly low, right?  What might be some possible causes of this?  Could a contaminated sample give a false positive glucose reading?  
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I am 27 and have had many symptoms... high bp (as high as 167/102), daily headaches, extreme fatigue, amoung others. My dr has ran blood tests to check my kidneys, liver, white blood cell count, potassium, sodium, sugar and others... the only thing that came back abnormal was my blood sugar BUT it was a last minute test and I was not fasting. I went back and got my finger pricked and it came back just fine. I also had my urine tested that day and I had 250 mgs of  glucose in it. It "puzzled" the dr that I had good blood sugar but high glucose in my urine. Since then I have a  3hr blood glucose test to make sure it was good and it was. We dont know what is going on yet. I have looked and looked on the internet for some kind of idea or answer... all I can find is 1) uncontrolled diabetes... not it. 2) pregnancy... nope. 3) meningitis... no fever! 4) kidney disease or damage... my kidney function test came back normal. 5) tumors...
I go backk in Tuesday to recheck my urine glucose and we will go from there... probably will move onto ultrasounds. If I find out anything else I will let you know. Please do the same... Sorry I couldnt be of more help.
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Thanks for responding, and good luck with your tests.  I'll be interested to hear what you find out.
Try not to worry.  I've been researching and there is a benign condition I've read about called kidney glycosuria where some people's renal threshold for glucose is just lower than most and so some glucose gets flushed into the urine.  
Good luck!
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