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urine leakage

I had a vaginal hysterectomy including anterior and posterior vaginal wall repair  in Jan 2006.  I had medium urinary leakage on sneezing, coughing or on physical exertion.  Three  months later I needed a redo of the posterior wall and also had a safyre sling inserted as I was experiencing urinary leakage after voiding.  I continue  painful sexual intercourse and urine leakage issues after the 1st op and am still suffering with both.  Can anyone tell me what to do.  I am 46m married and used to have a great sex life - now I dread it.  I am continuing wiht  pelvic floor exercises and manual dilation of the vagina wiht vaginal dilators.  This is now becoming just too hard and I'm not sure what to do can anyone offer me some advice - my Doctors are not sure what to try next.
Thank you
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      Thanks for writing in. The symptoms that you mentioned refer to stress incontinence, which manifests itself with involuntary loss of urine while coughing, sneezing, standing, exercising or engaging in any kind of physical activity. Painful intercourse after hysterectomy could be due to scarring and adhesions.
You need to see a gynaecologist and urologist for examination and further assistance on treatment.
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Thanks for your reply.  I only "leak" urine after voiding.  When I finish voiding I wait and try again.  I leak after I've stood up and go to wash my hands  after voiding.  I am going to see a gynae and urologist.  I'm wondering if I have a kink or some such in my urethra that stops complete emptying of urine and once I stand it then comes out. This leakage after voiding only started after having the Safyre sling inserted.  Thanks for your help.
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