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urine smells

I have a s/p catheter with frequent infections and I have had on for several weeks the urine smells like "swamp water" and docs won't listen because I had a urine c/s done just before and the won't listen to the fact that it has changed since the c/s I don't run a temp even when septic so it is ignored. any suggestions on getting them to list or treat.I regrect the day I let them place this so I am going to have it removed. I urinate aound the cath so---out it comes- hope my urologist has a gas mask.
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Strong smell of urine could be due to bacterial infection in the urinary tract without regular symptoms of UTI, dehydration, consumption of red meat or high protein foods.
I think you should consult your doctor and get the urine examined for infection, ketones etc. You may also need to get a urine culture done. Frequent urination can also be due to urine infection or kidney conditions and diabetes. Your blood sugar levels also need to be checked. Till then drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
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I'm in the same situation as what you are. I'm at a loss as my doctor has tested me for several different infections.
The smell of the urine is very bad and I have no idea as to what I can do to improve the situation.

All the best,

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