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urology stent removal

I am a 23 year old male with 1 kidney. 4 weeks ago in the emerjency room  the doctor put me urinary stent becouse of infection and stones in my uretra. Now I finished takink medication they recomended me.  Ther is no more infection in my urine. I vant to remove the stent and the stones, becouse it hurts me too much, and I cant take animore. But the doctor said thad I need 2 more monts  the stent to be inside me. Why? I cant wait, I have too much pain. Do I have right to request removal of the stent? How  can I make them to remove the stent? what I should say them? And is there ani way without catscane  to see if  I stil have the stones ?
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Hello. I hope this post finds you feeling better. I too have a very uncomfortable (to say the least) stent in my right ureter. It will be removed this Tuesday. I know how painful these stents are. You must follow your doctors advice and leave the stent in for healing purposes. I know it is hard but, just try to keep in mind how lucky you really are. This is a temporary situation. I have endured prior stents for 2 months myself, it is very hard. I will keep you in my thoughts...... you truly are lucky as this is a temporary ilness and the stent will be removed at the proper time. Best of luck....Cara
PS drink lots of water this truly helps ease the pain.
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When our health is fine most of us probably don't give a second thought about such issues but having pain in common with others certainly creates a sense of wanting to share.I got home from hospital yesterday following laser treatment on a 1.5 cm stone in the left kidney.The stone was missed during another op 3 years ago as i have a duplex system (two ureters coming from one of my kidneys) and the surgeon didn't know this he went up the wrong tube( thinking it was the only one) hence the need for a second op.I had such misery with my stent last time that this time I opted to have a catheter and urine bag at home until stent is removed in 5 days.Although awkward, there is no pain.After the initial catheter was removed yesterday in hospital i urinted 4 times and came close to passing out from pain each time.Having a catheter placed back in solved this instantly.I am very apprehensive about the stent removal as last time i was in agony about 15 minutes after it was removed and the pain lasted a long time.This time I will be taking an indocid suppository 1 hour prior to removal which my docor has agreed with regards Fozzy007
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my guy had a dbl  jj  stent put in three weeks ago.   today went into take it out.  took 2 more stones out....plus added another stent with a string  hanging out penis.   now  the dr said at first two DAYS 4 THIS STENT.  but he is going away 4 the weekend.  so now he says a week with stent in.  he is already in pain trying to urinate.  can we take it out in2 days if he cant handle the pressure.....

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