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varicocele in my left testical

I was having bubbling sensation in my balls , then i checked my balls and felt a third thing in it, i got  an umtrasound done and found out that i have a grade 3 varicocele , I have no pain or discomfort, just the constant bubbling, my doctor said I need a surgery. But i wanna avoid surgery, are there any other ways or should i get a surgery done
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Hm.  I wouldn't think if you had no discomfort, pain or weren't trying to father a child that you could leave it. Varicocele repair is an option but plenty of people leave it alone too. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/varicocele/symptoms-causes/syc-20378771  Why does the doctor recommend surgery for you? A grade 3 varicocele can lead to low sperm count so is a fertility issue.  Is that something you'd be concerned with? Is the bubbling sensation irritating enough to want to repair it? Typically with a grade 3, you have visible deformity in the scrotum.  Ever notice anything? So, I'd want to know why the doctor recommends it and if you can wait to see if it impacts you more.  No one wants surgery. But if you deem it should be done through your doctor, I'd consider it safe.  Just watch for the complications they warn you about.  
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