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weird problem in the pelvic?

hi. I have a problem  that last for almost 2 month now, Ive had sex with a  funny girl that decided to put a penis type of ring.. a string if you will ... not so tight.. but it was tight enough I guess to cause problems
its not the first time I'm putting a penis ring btw ... and never happened to me before just saying  anyway -

I am constipated for 2 month now - its like I'm finding it hard to relax my inner rectom or anus to let the feces out
its more difficult than before ..
also I'm finding it hard to pee , its like mm .. I have to relax my pelvic muscles in order to pee without interference  to the stream ..  also  I have to pee more often than before .. I did some tests and  reducing coffe has a significant impact on the urgency symptoms .. it helps somehow ..

and final  thing is I have a weird feeling that my penis is ...I don't know how to say that .. its like the penis have a lower back problems .. it always  want to be  curved ...I finding it hard to relax the kegal muscle ... and  sometimes its very annoying .

Remarks:  I don't have any pain what so ever..(rules out prostatitis  ?) , I don't have any  "hard flaccid" kind  of thing ... I don't have erection problems .. and I guess I don't have  ejaculation problems too .. but I think it a little too slow than before the incident (maybe muscle issue ? ) ...

I'm very much panic that my situation is chronic ... I did urine test : negative  I did ultrasound to the bladder and Kidneys all is normal  except I have  remains of urine 110 cc in my bladder after emptying it ...

also as I said before I'm constipated in a form of  my bowl movements are now less often and its had for me to pass stool ... well no too hard but its much more hard than before .

thanks anyone who can help me figure it out ...
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also I forgot to mention that the string was around penis and testicles .. not only the penis .

thanks in advance .
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anyone ? ... help?  ):
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