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what are common problems during urethroplasty recovery

I had a anastomostic urethroplasty operation 1 September, it's been a month & 3 weeks but there have been some concerns:
-itchiness at the tip of the penis (some times inside the urethra, but mostly on the outside skin)
-rectal spasms. not deep in really, they some times start from the perineum towards the anus
-a very sharp pain that emerges from the deep inside the bulbar region, through the urethra & sometimes extend to the bladder.

i have noticed the pain is dominantly felt on either the right side or the left of the urethra.
although i'm not bleeding or feel any pain when passing urine, I'm scared it could be a recurring stricture in it's early stages, as i had experienced some of those symptoms before the procedure.

So i would like to know if these are common post-op signs or if i could  be in big trouble of a recurring stricture?
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