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what is ureteral nephrosis?

I have had ongoing kidney stones/infections for the last 6 years.  I have had 14 surgeries and I've been hospitalized a total of 297 days during this time.  I have surgery to blow the stones up and then go back for my post op check up and the same kidney that has just been operated on has new stones.  I recently had a ct urogram and today got a call from my GP's nurse who read the results.  She said she could only read them to me, not interpret them.  I do have new "non blocking" stones in my left kidney (operated on 5/19)  and she said right ureteral (ureter?) nephrosis.  Can someone tell me what that is?  After all these years, I've never heard that.  Perhaps she read it wrong or I heard it wrong.  I was so upset at hearing that I do have more stones in the left kidney, that it's possible I heard it wrong.  Thanks in advance.
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Hi Kecia,

Hydronephrosis is a disorder that is characterized by swelling and distension of the collecting tubules within the kidney.

Ureteral nephrosis or hydroureter implies a distension of the ureter.

Some individuals are more at risk of developing kidney stones.
This could be due to underlying genetic causes, metabolic disorders, or lifestyle habits.

It is possible that some changes in your lifestyle could help avoid or reduce the incidence of kidney stones.

These include
Drinking plenty of fluids - in excess of 2000 ml per day.
Increasing intake of natural sources of calcium.
Avoiding medications or supplements that increase risk of kidney stones.
Voiding bladder every 3-4 hours to keep flushing the urinary tract to avoid infections or stasis resulting in stone formation.
Avoid beverages such as tea and coffee and alcohol.
Avoid foods with high oxalate content, such as red meat, beans, etc.

You will need to have the cause of the ureteral nephrosis assessed as it could be reason for your recurrent infections.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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