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what to do while waiting for appt with urologist

Background: 29 years old, I've had a "weak" stream all my life but while a little embarrassed about it at times, I never worried too much about it. I just took longer to pee than everyone else, so what...  Then it very slowly seemed to get worse, and I saw a general practitioner in December (I was worried about possible prostate cancer or something). He checked my prostate and did a urine sample test, everything normal. It still wasn't that bad, and he suggested not to worry unless it got worse.

Then a week and a half ago, it definitely got worse - never able to fully pee anymore, just a few ounces at best. Saw the general practitioner again 4 days ago, they did PSA blood test, which was normal, and referred me to a urologist. But soonest appointment isn't until May 17.

And holy cow, I don't know if I can make it now. Every night is simply miserable, pretty much unable to pee, and so hard to fall asleep with a full bladder. Afternoon seems the best, I was able to empty what seemed like maybe half or even more of my bladder one time today. But it's been full since, and feeling ultra-full now late at night again. It's more than uncomfortable now, feels like when you've really really gotta go but then can't...

So my questions are,
1) at what point do I need to stop waiting for this appointment and go to the hospital to deal with this, and am I at much risk now, going around with quite a lot of pressure in my bladder nearly all the time? I've heard the pressure can back up and damage your kidneys...that doesn't sound good at all. But then I've also heard that some people go a really long time having a terrible time peeing, and it takes months or years before their kidneys suffer from it.
2) any possible home remedies to hold me over till i can get professional treatment? i know about saw pamello, but i think it's really just for the prostate. and my _guess_ is i've got some sort of urethral stricture, or some muscle relaxation problem or something. should i avoid any foods or beverages that could affect this? i actually had my only good pee in the last few days after having some caffeine, even though i saw for some bladder problems it might be better to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

I'm calling every day, hoping they will have a cancellation and I can get in sooner with a urologist. Tomorrow, I'll check if I have coverage at another hospital that might have an opening sooner. But otherwise, May 17 can't come soon enough.

Thanks for any and all advice,
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