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what would cause your penis to not grow to it's full size even errect

I have had an above average penis size my whole life... until now. My penis no longer grows when I get an erection. It just gets hard without getting larger. I am a grower, not a shower so it makes a really big deal. I have gone to doctors and they all think I am lying. That I am just looking for a way to make my penis bigger. That's not true, all I want is what the good lord blessed me with from birth
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Wow - I’ve never heard of such s thing. First off, how old are you? It’s normal for guys to lose a little size as they get older, altho this sounds much more dramatic than that. 2nd Q - when did this start? I wouldn’t think such a thing would just happen overnite. Have you been noticing a gradual loss of size over a period of time? Do you have normal nite-time or early AM erections? This is the body’s  way of keeping the tissues in the corpus cavernosa nourished, the frequent blood flow allows them to stay flexible & able to expand. Without frequent erections, that tissue can become less flexible, less able to expand & somewhat like scar tissue. However, this is usually what happens w/ prolonged periods of ED, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case with you.

I can’t come up with a reasonable explanation for this. I think  you should definitely see a Urologist - 1st because a Uro may have some experience w/ similar issues & also once a diagnosis is established he/she might have some insight into how this can be corrected.

I can sure understand why this would be troubling for you & hope you can find a solution. Please DO check back in here so we can find out how you’re doing & what the issue is. I know personally I’d really like to know what’s causing this, and I’m pretty sure many others here would like to know as well. Best of luck to you & please let us know how it turns out...
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BTW, I do see where you said you’d seen Dr’s about this. Were any of them Urologists? Even if they were, you may have to seek out one who specializes in ED & other issues re: normal SEXUAL functioning. Even tho this does NOT sound like ED, it does seem to involve the normal functioning of the corpus cavernosa, which are responsible for both erections & lengthening & expansion of girth. One final Q: I assume the length does not increase when erect, but what about girth? Does that expand at all with erection? Sorry for all the Q’s, but it’s necessary to find out what’s going on & I expect the Uro will ask most of these same Q’s...
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