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why am i peeing so much?

ok, two months ago, i started having urinary symptoms. it started with urinating every hour. i went to the doctors and my urine was clean, but since i have a long history of uti's, they put me on an antibiotic and sent my urine to be cultured. i never heard anything, but the medicine didn't help. a month later my urination had increased to every half hour. i went back to the doctor. when they dipped my urine, it was clean. they put me on antibiotics, sent my urine to be cultured and told me to see my gyn. the next day, they called and said to stop taking the meds, my urine was fine. 3 days later i went to my gyn. i had written down everytime i urinated the day before (24hrs) and learned i was urinating every 15-20 min, and sometimes 10min apart!! my gyn did a pap, saw nothing unusual, but suggested i go to a urologist. i don't know if this has anything to do with it, but i should tell you that i've had abnormal paps for 11yrs now, 2 colposcopies, and 1 leep. anyways, i went to my pcp, gave my urination schedule and the name/ph/address of the urology office i wanted to go to. when i spoke to urology, they said depending on my symptoms, my appt could be sooner or later. anyways, a month has gone by, and just yesterday, my pcp called with my urology appt: may 3rd!!!! so it's been 3 months now since this all started, and now i have to wait another 2months to be seen? then when i am seen, they're gonna send me for tests, and it's going to be another month before i get answers (if i get any)? i've been taking tylenol pm for the last month because if i don't, i'm up all night urinating! can someone please help me? i've been trying to research these symptoms but it just keeps bringing me to uti's! is it possible to "stress pee"? i am under a lot of stress..........................
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