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why do i have blood and blood clots in my urine after ejaculation?

im a 24 year old male.
last 2009, my partner and i were foreplaying. i've tried to insert my penis, but it was a struggle for me since hers was tight. at that time, we tried to do it standing so the pressure was on me. after the act,i have ejaculated and released clear fluid. minutes after, i felt the urge of urinating but to my surprise, blood came out together with my urine. there were blood clots which blocked the passage of urine so i always felt unsatisfied whenever i urinate. there were times when i really had the urge but couldnt get it out because something was blocking it. until i got to release the big clot that was blocking my urine by doing the valsalva maneuver (the act of pushing when pooping). i tried to let it heal and i didnt have sex nor masturbate for 2 weeks. after that, everything went back to normal.

last 2010, again, we were foreplaying. we dry humped but i cut the excitement because i felt like urinating. so i headed to the urinal and it happened again. blood clots were present in my urine and i didnt get to release everything. there is urgency but im not satisfied when i urinate. i got alarmed because i felt that my prostate was aching. it was really uncomfortable so i visited a urologist. he performed a dre and said that i have an enlarged prostate, due to the infection. he diagnosed me with UTI and gave me a prescription. i followed the regimen for a month and stopped the medication as instructed by the physician. im not convinced of having uti because aside from bleeding, i dont have any other symptoms of uti.

on the same year, it happened again while dry humping. (personally i dont think it came from dry humping. other people do that but they dont bleed afterwards.) i was really confused. so i visited the urologist again. this time, he made me take the medication for 6 months. the symptoms disappeared. it may have healed, though im still confused from where it came from and why im bleeding. my urologist diagnosed me with prostatitis. but then again, im not convinced with the diagnosis. and he couldnt explain clearly where the blood and the blood clots come from.

last week, it happened again. . i was getting excited and went with the flow of the moment. i dry humped my partner as foreplay. seriously, i didnt think all of this happened because of dry humping, so i repeated it. but then again, it always comes out after doing it. is it coincidence? now, im trying to figure out where it comes from? the prostate? how? why? another thing that i have noticed, once i remove the clot which blocks the urine, everything becomes fine. but when my penis gets hard due to cold weather or upon waking up, i notice that the clots and blood return when i urinate. why is this happening?
i have searched the net and havent found any article similar to my case. my urologist doesnt convince me with his diagnosis. please help me. i need an answer.
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The symptoms that you are having are not normal but I agree with your urologist because prostate causes are the first possibility for such blood clots after ejaculation. Other possibilities are infections like herpes,Chlamydia,cytomegalovirus,trichominiasis ; inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), epididymis (epididymitis), or urethra (urethritis) ; calculi (stones )in the seminal vesicles or prostate ; polyps in the urethra ; ejaculation-duct obstructions ; cysts, hemorrhage, or other abnormalities in the seminal vesicles ; benign or malignant tumors of the prostate, bladder, testes, or seminal vesicles.

Diagnosed by physical examination and investigations like urinalysis, semen analysis and ultrasound and MRI. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
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what could i do to prevent this from happening?
what are the remedies i could rely on to stop the bleeding and prevent clot formation?
how long does it usually take before an internal wound heals?
ace409, is this still happening to you? Have you found a cure yet?
Check out my reply below, it's lengthy but it may be of some help to you. I'm curious if anything has helped. I have dealt with the same issue for 14 yrs and it happens about once a year and lasts for 2-4 weeks
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How can you say that you haven't found anything on the net?

look at this: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/blood-in-sperm-and-in-urine-after-ejaculation/
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thank you very much for sharing that link! that was the first similar article ive found exactly the same as what i am experiencing. when i search the net, its doesnt exactly give me what i want to know. it doesnt have all the symptoms i am experiencing. now,i know that its not only me who's experiencing this. that im not alone and the first one to have this. thank you very much! if you see articles similar to my case, please let me know. to make me have peace of mind, i want to know the ff:
1. my diagnosis.
2. where does the blood come from? my prostate? seminal vesicle? epidydymis?
3. why are there blood clots?
4. worst comes to worst, do i ave anything to worry about?
5. wat can i do to prevent this from recurring?
6. how long does this take to heal?
please, if anyone reads this, please give me an answer, thank you!
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Look I had this same problem, If you have not yet go to the er . I had no choice as mine got worse over time. The end result was a bladder cancer diagnosis and nit could have been caght early but I did as you and waited and then it turned into muscle invasive bladder cancer which is much more dangerous and now I have a tube in my left kidney just for it to function and am under going chemo as well as looking at bladder removal sugery after that and another round of chemo then it still may cost my life. take blood in your urine seriously and ask the hard questions when you go to the er because they didn't look for it until I asked if it was a posibility. get help now please
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I'm having the same problem that started a couple of weeks ago and as soon as get an erection,i feel the need to go to for a pee that'll result into passing blood and small clots until yesterday 27/02/2013,i ended up passing 2 clots 2 inchew wide each and a 3rd one that stopped my wee from passing until my body took over and decided to go for a poo and passed the third clot which i certainly felt,as it hurt like hell! I Still do not know what the problem is yet as i havent been to the ER as here in the Uk They can be a waste of time.I'll wait till i give a urine test to my Girlfriends GP and then see what the next step is!
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I to had this problem doctor did a cat scan and I had an enlarged prostate put me on finastride to shrink it said that because of enlargement during long periods of sex blood vessels would pop due to thinning and stretching of vessels blood has not been as frequent as in the beginning  3 months ago seems to be getting better have only seen blood twice this month before it was almost every day after sleeping I'm assuming because of arousal the to times I did see it was because of longer sex session seems like if I get it done in 4 minutes there are no issues but if I go longer pressure will eventually burst blood vessel on prostate  but medicine is helping because I had blood all the time in the beginning
does this has side effect? did u feel any discomfort? how is your sex life?
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I've had this problem on and off again for over 40 years. There are a few things I recommend. Make  sure your Uro does a complete examination of the area. (Ultrasound, bladder check etc.) If everything looks normal, then ask to be put on Proscar, which takes a few months to kick in.
I also take a tablet of Vitamin K supplement, which can help the bleeding, I believe. Other than that, hold tight, because it is very difficult to diagnose and very iffy to cure. You might also consider treating your anxiety. Hope you get better. It can take a toll on your sex life, but it can be managed.
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Was your bleeding enormous amounts of blood
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If you found this thread, no doubt you did the same as the others.. Googling to find clues..

Ive dealt with this for 5 years on and off..

Ive learned some lessons the hard way, and some the easy way..

First off.. No doctors are going to have a clue.. They will stick with the " it's impossible" stance

So, what are your symptoms ?

Clots in your blood after sex ? After masterbation ?

Heavy thick clots, that look like leeches ?

Let me give you a bit ofadvice ...

Urinate before sex, to empty your bladder.. But let's say about 30 minutes before sex.. You'll want some in there to help passing..

Cant pass a clot ? Relax ( IMHO ) yes, you want to get them out of there.. But it's been my experience that there not going to get hard in  there.. In fact there going to dissolve slightly  

Heres the plan... 

1 try to pee, if  it works , your done.. Don't grunt and strain to much , relax let the clot get towards the tip

2 didn't work.. Hot bath.. Tootsie roll your penis a bit..if yourbladder is empty, and you can get some urine and blood out, that's good.. You don't want to have a full bladder, there's danger in that too.. Yes this is not what your brain tells you.. You brain says " more urine... PUSH "

3 still doesn't work ? Relax.. Hot soak..Manipulate your penis.. This normally will move the clot, and you can pee more... Anything you can do to keep your bladder from not over filling the better IMHO... I made the mistake of drinking a ton,of water thinking yea... More water the better.. But I still couldn't pass it and had to go e.r.

Advice..cranberry juice or pills  .. Vitamin k.. Antibiotics to heal the wound inside your urinary tract

This is NOT BLOOD IN YOUR SEMEN.. This is blood in your urinary tract , the wound acts up during sex, so your  doctor will think its semen related or prostate...

Im no doctor, I'm just going by me going thru this, and what my gut says.

If you'd like to talk, or email that would be great.. It seams very very rare..

And in my case it comes and goes.

Hello i too am going through this have you had any luck on finding a cure?
Please can you inbox me? Am a female and am having the symptons
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I've had this similar issue but may have found some answers.

"Tear of Prostate Vein

In this case, bleeding typically stems from a tear in one of the fragile veins within the prostate, the organ which produces most of the seminal fluid following sexual stimulation. When ejaculation causes the prostate to contract, a vein can tear and cause blood to mix in with the semen, a condition known as hematospermia. Dark discoloration is from a previous injury while red blood is from a fresh tear. You may also notice old clots in the semen or gross blood during urination.".

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I don't think that's it..

Why ?

Because, you could not ejaculate, and still have blood in your urine... Also it seams as though the clots are very close to the urethra ...
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I also very rarely get the blood clots. If not that then what else could it possibly be?
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I think what your experiencing is not the same as the others in this thread...

I sent a private message.. Would love to talk symptoms.. And what you've had done to have it looked in to...
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well i have been having this for over 9 years.i am 29 now.the first time i saw a urologist was 5 years ago.he says its probably a vein bursting and said it would heal over time.it stopped after then for a very long time.i masturbate alot though.then one time i tried a constriction ring on.after the erection with no ejaculation,i passed blood blot in my urine.then it stopped again.am a little confused what is going on.the sight of the red inside the toilet scares the crap out of me.is this something i have to live with for the rest of my life?
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I have had the TURP done a few years back.
I am 77 years old
when I ejaculate afterwards I do have pieces of prostate in the urine/blood
after a awhile the blood dissipates
I drink a lot of water
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I've the same problem,and it's two yrs now,what i can tell you is one,go to the bath room after each round
after each round of sex? did u take any medicine?
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i am having similar issue and they found some inflation on my prostate but they gave me anti biodics  for it. every hting worked fine but it came back after 1 month again. i have no clue why blood clot comes out after sex . whats the solution for this
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I have suffered a lot because of occasional blood clots and blood in the urine after intercourse. After the blood test, x-ray and cystoscopy, the Urologist prescribed antibiotics and some other medicines for a month. His diagnosis was Prostatitis. But to no use. I consulted Patanjali Ayurvedic Clinic. They gave me some medicines to take regularly and since then I am free from this problem.
What medicine did they give you to take regularly? I just started experiencing this a week ago and it is freaking me out.
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I had this happen for the first time to me after a round of passionate sex. Most times its not  as involving but this time it was. I ejaculated and it was a brownish color. I hadnt had intercourse for about 3-7 days prior. I freaked out! I peed about 30 minutess later and just a river of blood and clots came out! My friend said it wad probably a uti and suggested unsweetened Cranberry juice from Trader Joes and cranberry pills. I drank two bttls alongs with cranberry pills 2-3 times a day for about a week. The symptoms went away. It was awesome but I went about 3 days  without drinking cranberry juice or pills and had sex last night and the issue came back this morning. Im only 32 and workout 4-5 times a week and have sex a fairly good amount and cant pinpoint what sets this off. I drink a lot of water to keep my urine track clear. I will get the tests done to make sure but i have an awful time with doctors! They are no better than google sometimes and really expensive and lack bedside manner. They just want to prescribe meds and i hate the sideeffects and costs of pharmaceuticals. I prefer natural remedies. So im back to cranberry juice and the pills until i can get a doctors appt and tests to make sure its not some type of cancer or std.
I'm curious to know if you're still having the blood clots while urinating after sex and if you're ejaculating blood still. I have the same issue and it seems to show up once a year and lasts for 2-4 weeks. I have to rest (no sexual activity) for that length of time for it to heal. I have noticed it happens to me when my penis is at a funny angle (entering from behind, etc) and the skin on the dorsal part of my shaft gets stretched. My belief is that a blood vessel bursts from being squeezed or stretched too hard and it clots in the urethra. This has nothing to do with the prostate because it happens prior to ejaculation. When I ejaculate it is bloody and then urinate immediately after sex, I pass a blood clot. My urine is then normal color once the clot passes. I have noticed on the dorsal part of my shaft there is a small spot that I can see on top of one of the blood vessels that has gotten a darker red color. I believe this is the damaged vessel and as it scars over each time this happens the spot gets slightly larger. I believe this to be the blood vessel that ruptures on the occasions that this happens. Has anyone had a blood vessel ligated to solve this issue. I firmly believe this is what is happening. I think a blood vessel in the urethra gets broken open and it's the same vessel that continues to break open do to rough sex or rough manual stimulation on the urethra. Feel free to message me if you'd like to discuss this. We are all looking for answers and help from urologists but they want to prescribe antibiotics as a quick fix.
My condition cleared up on its on. I had a CAT scan and I think an MRI done. It had something to do with a bladder infection. My doctor had no diagnosis and didnt provide any treatment.  My body just healed it self. I havent had this issue in 2 years.  I couldnt go through that pain, discomfort and lack of sexual gratification again. I just decided to just  better sexual partners. One day it was there and the next i was healed. I was drinking a lot of green tea at the time and switched to drinking just more water.
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Ive spoken with many people in this thread .. if anyone wants to talk ideas .. feel free to message me. .
Hi,  I'm 31 and within the past year this has become a serious concern.  The urologist told me "it's probably just from rough sex" and "it's no big deal"  but the sex wasn't rough and It's very alarming so **** leeches every time I have sex.   Let me know if you have any more advice for me.
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Im 23, Ive been experiencing the same for 2 years now. The first time I was so scared then it just never happend again until like 6 months later and that time there was a lot of blood and clots I thought I wasnt ever going to be able to have sex. Then happen again a couple months after and Im experiencing it right now. Ive gotten multiple blood test done. Urine and swapp test and everything looks good. This is so annoying at this point because I want to stop and doctors are not helping.
Any luck on finding a cure?
Please le me know the cure to this unknown disease . Im worried, i dont even know if i should have sex but i feel for it. Yet anytime i erect or think of having sex it happens. Please help. Doctors are not helping cure .
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Could this be a form of blue balls I noticed that I only get it every time me and my wife are playing around and right before I'm about to come I'll stop so I don't come and we continue this has happened 3 or 4 times now this time it looked like a warm one of the blood clots
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