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Consulta sintomas y prueba

Doctor Jose, gracias por atender mi pregunta.

Tuve una relacion sexual desprotegida con una mujer de estatus desconocido. A las tres semanas, un dia con fiebre, malestar, 2 dias de dolor en las articulaciones, cansancio, 2 dias de dolor de garganta. No ganglios ni erupciones cutaneas.

Hice una prueba de vih a las casi 6 semanas, 40 dias exactamente, en la Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana, tecnica Electroquimioluminiscencia, Resultado negativo.

Mi pregunta es, debio haber salido ya positivo si los sintomas fueron a las 3 semanas y la prueba a las 6?

Gracias por su contestacion
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Dear doctors, I translate this question as apparently there is not a Spanish-speaking doctor in the forum anymore.

I had unprotected sex intercouse with a woman of unknown status. Three weeks after, I experienced one day of fever, two days of joint and muscles aches and throat pain. No rush nor swollen lympth nodes.

I made an electrochemiluminescence test for hiv almost 6 weeks after the intercourse, 40 days exactly at the Red Cross in my country. The result was Not reactive.

My question is, should the test have had turned positive at week 6 if the symptoms experienced  at week 3 would have been related to ARS?

Many thanks for your answer
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