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hello docs, 17 days ago I had a unprotected to oral sex with a girl, I perform on her for few seconds. I had totally protected vaginal sex with condom and it did not break or slipped, I´m sure. I´m very concern about HIV cause 5 days post exposure I had fever and sore trhoat which last 1/2 day. Now I had no symptoms. For peace of my mind I perform a DNA and RNA PCR 12 days post exposure and it came non detectable. My life is over I´m lost I dont have courage to perform another test, please help me. why was I so stupidy?
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Thank you for your post.  This is a HIV forum in Spanish.  We have other forums in English.  In any case, I will reply to your post here.
Performing oral sex on a woman would pose a negligible risk of HIV, and that is why I do not believe that you could have been infected.  Also you do not know the status of the lady.  This has been confirmed with the negative PCR test at 12 days, whcih is highly reliable.
Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV sero-conversion as they occurred far too soon.  Most people would not have symptoms after at least 2 weeks of an expsoure.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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