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Looking for an alternative to Vaginal Mesh after having 2 failed surgeries.

I discovered I needed vaginal prolapse with a rectocele repair in Sept of 2010.  I had the first surgery Nov 2010.  The rectocele repair failed & I had that redone in Feb 2011.  It has failed again and I am having lots of problems since the 2nd surgery.  I feel like I have pins pricking me, painful bowel movements, I constantly feel a pain like the mesh is pressing on some kind of nerve that goes up into my abdomen, bladder is leaking, bladder & kidney infections.  UGH!  wish I never had this surgery and want to get this mesh out.  What are my options and can you help me find a doctor in Knoxville, TN or what would I need to do to get to you in South Florida?
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I thought my life was over before I found Dr. C. Bryce Bowling at University of Tennessee.  This is what I went through before I found him.  I am 38 years old & never thought that I would be having stress incontinence at my age.  After having a partial hysterectomy in August 2009, I started having urine leakage.  I went to my gynecologist which in return she did an urodynamics test.  The results were that I needed to have a TVT, rectocele, & cystocele.  I had the TVT placed, rectocele, & cystocele done in July 2010.  I was out of work for 8 weeks & in terrible pain for over a year before I got relief.  It seemed as if I went to my doctor every month with a complaint of pain.  She would tell me that it was normal!  I don’t think so!  Intercourse was impossible, my husband’s patience was wearing thin, I had terrible pain in my groin area, & I had to do something to try & get some relief.  In May 2011, she finally agreed after 10 months of me complaining to go back in & remove some of the mesh from the TVT.  In June 2011, I went in for my post-op appointment & seen her nurse practitioner.  She said everything looked fine & released me to normal activities.  Of course, I went home & told my husband that I had been released to have intercourse.  He then told me that it felt like razor blades in me.  The next day I made an appointment to go back to the doctor.  They were able to see me that week.  I actually got to see the doctor & she examined me & told me that there were some stitches left.  She proceeded to shoot me up with lidocaine & began clipping the thing she said was stitches.  I thought I was going to come off the table.  The lidocaine wasn’t completely working & I kept telling her that it was hurting.  She continued.  I was in tears!!!!  After it was over, she then told me that I have mesh erosion in my vaginal wall from the TVT but, she took care of it.  I left her office & decided that day I was NEVER coming back to her office again & that I was going to find a doctor that could take care of my problem.  I went home that night & did a lot of research about my problem.  That is when I found out that I needed an Urogynecologist.  Dr. Bryce Bowling is the only certified Urogynecologist in Knoxville.  I called & asked to speak to a nurse before I made an appointment.  I spoke with Robin & told her everything I had been through & wanted to know if she thought Dr. Bowling could help me.  She proceeded to tell me that he has repaired several mesh erosions with success & that he would be more than happy to talk with me about my problems.  She was very helpful & actually made me feel very at ease!  We scheduled my appointment to meet with Dr. Bowling.  When I arrived to their office I was welcomed in like they had always known me!  After examing me Dr. Bowling decided that the mesh had to come out.  The placement of the mesh was incorrect & was put in thru my groin area.  I had a lot of muscle damage from that.  He said that he NEVER put that type of sling in for someone as young, physically active, & sexually active.  I had surgery August 2011 to have the mesh removed.  I then had another urodynamics test in November 2011 & of course I needed to have more surgery to repair my incontience.  I just had surgery December 22, 2011 to have another TVT put in but, it was placed thru my public area & into my bladder.  I was out of work for 9 weeks for the last TVT surgery & I'm going back to work tomorrow.  I feel wonderful!  Dr. Bryce Bowling is a GODSEND!  Please call him! I am sure he can help you!  Check him out on vitals.com.  He's phone number is 865-305-5940.  Good Luck!  Let me know the outcome!
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Thank you so much!  I have an appointment with Dr. Bowling on January 11th and I am very anxious to see what he says to me about correcting my problem.  I debated letting the surgeon that put the mesh in fix it again after consulting with my urologist, but after reading the details about your ordeal I don't want to chance it and just want to get it fixed right this time.  Afterall, surgery isn't anything to take lightly.  How was your experience having surgery at UT Hospital?

I will keep you posted and so glad to hear you are doing better after all that.  Bless your heart!  If you want to talk on the phone, here is my contact # H: 865.671.4130 (evenings) or C: 865.385.5463 (any time).  Again, thank you for the confirmation on this - I feel like I will be in good hands.

Kim (Knoxville, TN)
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This was my first experience with UT hospital & they are wonderful there. I thought Parkwest was the only hospital in Knoxville worth anything. Boy was I wrong! I just left Dr. Bowlings office for my post op appointment & everything is good! He told me about a website where if I want to left my testimony about my ordeal I can. Check it out when you get a chance. Www.vitals.com I hope all goes well! I think you will be very impressed! He is a very young doctor but is very knowledgable.  I will contact you soon!
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So glad to hear your news and that UT Hospital is a good place.  I filled out all my new patient paperwork and can't wait to meet him & get this scheduled.  I have always gone to Parkwest Hospital so I am relieved to hear this.  Look forward to talking with you soon.  I did check out www.vitals.com.
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Thank you so much for this post it was very helpful. This winter brought a lot of changes to my life when I was suddenly diagnosed with a plethora of conditions including diabetes, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, glaucoma, hypertension and stress urinary incontinence. As I am suddenly confronted with my own mortality I find myself searching for answers. In 18 short months since my last physical and a clean bill of health I am now struggling to find clear information and support as I move forward. I am hoping this site can provide some of the information I am seeking. Like everyone else that has been newly diagnosed with problems I went to the internet to find out more about my conditions and found many of the treatments that have been recommended by my doctor for my conditions are being litigated. When I looked up actos which is being recommended by my physician for the treatment of my diabetes I found tons of attorney sites and news articles about this drugs side effects. Afterwards I looked up each condition with the word litigation and found that the treatment recommended by my physician for stress urinary incontinence has mountains of litigation surrounding it as well and the side effects if things go wrong are debilitating. I found an attorney site www.womenshealthattorney.com that had good information about the possible side effects of this surgery and I am torn as to whether the benefits of the surgery outweigh the risks. This condition is getting worse over time and it is becoming more embarrassing, this is pushing me toward considering the surgical option but I am concerned, do I have the right doctor, is the procedure safe? Your post really helped me rethink the idea of having the surgery with the mesh, now I have 2 questions has anyone had the bursch procedure? Also does anyone know of a good Doctor In Pittsburgh? I know the one I have is not the right doctor for this.
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