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Mesh Erosion

Can anyone help me?
I had a Mesh Repair following Rectocele Prolapse in January 2011.
I also had a TOT Sling repair the year before following a Cystocele

I have just undergone an Examination under Anaesthetic as I have been told the Mesh is Eroding.
As a result I am not at High Risk of Fistula which may require a Stoma.
I am terrified about the prospect.Can anything be done to avoid further Mesh Erosion and is there an alternative should the Mesh have to be removed.
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Many women have had the eroding mesh safely removed without having to have a colostomy, and without developing a fistula. You should first locate a trained urogynecologist, who can examine you and help you determine the best option for removing the eroded mesh.  You should ask how many mesh removals they have done, and what their complications were. You need to be satisfied that they are capable of removing your mesh safely. Once removed, if the prolapsed or incontinence returns, there are good ways to correct either using your own tissues.  Check with your urogyn. I am happy to answer any further questions if you need me to.
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