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Vaginal Mesh Surgery, UTIs and Pain in Low Abdomen
I had a vaginal surgery Mar 2010 at a major University Medical Ctr. I have had no problems BUT for yrs had a mysterious aching in my lower abdomen that has gotten worse.  I hoped the surgery would correct that but it did not.  I then learned that I have malformed kidneys that are in low abdomen!  The literature says they can be a source of pain.  Even though the Urologist I initially went to rdered CT scans then told me dismissively nothing was wrong, months later I learned there WAS a problem.  I went back to the radiologist. His rpt clearly stated I had fused ectopic kidneys with reduced function.  That doctor never told me! I reported him.  PLEASE get copies of all of your own reports, read them yourself and keep a file.  Now I am seeing a Nephrologist and top Urologist. My kidneys and liver are mnitored. There have been problems w/the mesh mostly because of poorly trained doctors. That is why you should try to go to the best doctor you can.  I was happy with my surgery. Be informed and making sure your doctors know it. This is really important. If they call you a "*****" that's fine. Go somewhere else. Also, it is easy to think after the surgery that anything odd may be related to the surgery but it may be nothing or it may be something else.  Go to another dr., a specialist or your OB/GYN rather than "primary care" dr. Unfortunately two things often happen with primary care HMO doctors:  (1) They have too high a patient load, and (2) Sadly, many are compensated by ins. co.s to reduce cost and NOT get you the care you need. I need to know if there is any correlation with kidney malformation, scolisis and the need for this surgery. Thanks.
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