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Hard knot under vag lip

About 5 days ago this hard ball like knot under th skin appeared (again, but normally goes away after a few) but this time was rather larger. Day 1 I left it alone , dAy 2 became lArger and a bit more painful. I thin sterilized A safety pin an gave a few pokes an a cpl squeezes. Nothing but clear came out, a few hours same, but with a lightish blood. Next day was worse, golfball size and now sore. Still using th sterile pin, picking to about marble size hole. Next day even worse, can't move or walk. ( btw, been using peroxide before bed with a rag) I held on to th walls an bathroom bound, light headed an been bed ridden day before and this day now. I yet again squeeze in th bathroom and this time slimy green snot like and blood mix comes out, I think a good size. I give it my all, then douse In peroxide ( buuurns) back to bed. Cpl hrs same routine, including a warm bath. Same goop an blood. Today I'm still sore, open wound, can see th green snot (it's grabbed in there) I'm still In bed, more (agIn I think is a lot) came out. I'm also using bandaids with healing lotion in it. Seems to pull it somewhat up. Hurts to cough, sore down my inner crease thigh portion bottom. What is it, am I ok, am what I'm doing decent at least? HELP PLEASE!
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I would suggest you see a gynecologist.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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It really sounds like you have an infection. You should contact your Dr or go to the ER. Hopefully it isn't staph or sepsis which could spread to other body parts or your blood.
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