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Heavy Period After C-section

My first two children were born naturally, and my last two children were born by c-section. Since having my fourth child, (20 months old now), my periods have been extraordinarily heavy and painful. It used to be that I filled a pad every few hours, and now I fill a pad an hour (even when completely sedentary). I can feel the blood "gushing" whether I'm moving or stationary, and I become easily fatigued and find it difficult to concentrate. When I wake up in the morning mid-period, I often find that I have overflowed a thick pad and the sheets are damp with blood. It's both exhausting and disconcerting, and I've finally consulted a doctor and been referred to see an O.B..

I would like to use my time with the O.B. wisely, and arrive well informed about what my options are. I still have moderate pain in my lower abdomen, beneath the c-section scar, and wonder how much of a factor scar tissue could be playing. I've also recently had a potential gall bladder attack for which I was hospitalized for two days, and am not sure if there could be any correlation between the two issues.

What, if any, options are there for dealing with this sort of situation? I'm thirty-five years old, have had four children, and am forty pound overweight. I guess I'm worried I'll just be told I'm old and fat, and I'm a bit nervous about it all. Any insights would be hugely appreciated.
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