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Recurring Thrush?

I'm at the end of my tether with this problem, it's affecting me emotionally and my libido is now non-existent.

I have had a copper IUD fitted March 2011 and it has never given me a problem.

Since April this year, right after my period finishes, I have 5-7 days of thick white discharge, sometimes with itching, sometimes odourless and sometimes with a fishy odour.

After seeing my nurse, she told me it was Thrush and recommended a few treatments to try.

I have had the same partner for four years, he has spent the last few months working abroad so the last time we had sex was in April, before I started my period. I understand recurring thrush can occur by reinfection by your partner, but in this case, this can't be an explanation as it occurred while he was abroad, and then occurred twice after that.

I've had thrush once before, but having it recurring like this is really upsetting. You'd think being away from your partner for months you'd be dying for sex but it's totally ruined my libido and put me off sex.

If anyone can please shed some light on this, I'd be really grateful, all responses are welcome.

Thank You x
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I totally sympathize with you because i suffered from recurrent thrush for such a long time that i actually forgot how long i had been suffering for. Because my husband and i were trying to conceive i was very reluctant to take oral medication so i did not. In fact i had read somewhere that taking such treatments have side effects and could sometimes make the problem worse as time goes by or create other problems for you. I wanted to look for a natural way of treating the cause of my problem rather than manage the symptoms each time i get another attack.

I did hours of research and this is what i found.

The reason we get thrush is because of a imbalance in bacteria. I started getting these recurrent thrush attacks after having my first baby. I had a c-section and had multiple infections for a good 7-8 months afterwards. (i had mastitis 3 times) and each time i was put on very heavy anti-biotics. Not once did any of the doctors that treated me told me to eaither take a pro-biotic, eat lots of yogurt nothing. (shocking considering they should have known that anyone that has been on anti-biotics for so long should be given something to get their internal flora in order). Anyway this made sense so instead of going to the doctors for their treatments plans i did a lot of researched and decided to cure myself naturally.

This is what i did. Firstly to reduce the symptoms and the terrible itch i bought non-sweetened plain acidophilus yogurt from the grocery store. I then went and bought myself a bottle of inner health plus (pro-biotic capsules). I also bought clinicians flora restore (this is a different type of pro-biotic specifically designed for restoring vaginal flora). I then put some of the yogurt in a bowl, broke open one of the inner health plus capsules and one of the clinicians flora restore capsules into the yogurt. Using a tampon i applied this all over my vaginal area, you can insert inside and all over the vulva. This will give you instant relief and it will get rid of your thrush. I then wore a pad so that its not messy or too uncomfortable. I left this on for 2-4 hours then washing the vagina, reapplying and changing the pad. You only need to do this for 1 day, the next day it will be gone.

Once the thrush is gone continue to take the inner health plus capsules and the clinicians flora restore capsules daily as instructed in the box. This will stop another attack because the internal flora will always be balanced.

While i was treating myself my husband took one of the anti-thrush tablets (the one's you can buy from the pharmacy and you only need to take 1) just incase he has thrush and was re-infecting me. Its only one pill and it doesn't harm him so might as well make him take it just to eliminate any doubts.

This should take care of the thrush problem for you and hopefully get rid of it forever.

Just on another note, i also read while i was doing research that some women keep getting thrush because of toxins etc and many of them had managed to get rid of the problem by going in for a few colon cleanse treatments. Either way doing something like that should improve your health overall. If your uncomfortable with doing a colon cleanse with the equipment up your backside etc you could always do an internal cleanse and detox like the lemon detox diet.

Hope all this information helps, and i wish you all the best,

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