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Okay, I really need answers. I went to my obgyn December 26th, 2013. Had a Pap test done, like my regular check up. I decided to be put on the shot just to try it out. I've been on the pill for about 3 years, no problem. But I've been on my period for about a month, I just got off of it. But now I feel like I have a uti (get them a few times a year) but two days ago I started noticing the outside of my vagina was swollen & red. It has gotten worse I have bumps on both lips, outside of my vagina, & close to my anus. I'm freaking out because it hurts, my uti medicine I had left over isn't really helping & I've been with my boyfriend for about nine months & he's the only guy I've been with since we got together. Neither one of us think it's an STD but I still need answers. Thanks.
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