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wishing and hoping you can help me

good day to you i got this badly problem about bad smells odor at vigina greenish and yellowish
i do been go medecation but why is it when i had sex on my boyfriend the bad smells odor back i get worried and i dont know what should i am going to do
i am shy what f my boyfriend could noticed that i got bad smell at my vagina :(

i will shortly tell this on to you
i am shy to tell this at my mom
but only mom can help me this so i step by step tell this to her about having bad odor so we go at doctor and have to check-up
and doctor advice me to have this medecine METRONIDAZOLE evective but why i still got bad odor after my boyfriend use me :(
i get worried :(
do this problem of mine be life time ?
i am worried :( what f i be get married? or either i got live-in partner how what should i do and say ? :(
pls pls pls i need your advice
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see answer.
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