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Medical treatments for varicose veins

I am a 34 year old female and other than being overweight I am a healthy person.  I have spider veins all over which I believe came from rapid weight gain due to PCOS.  I was recently told that the pain I've been having in my legs is from varicose veins.  I've tried compression stockings, changing my shoes, and leg elevation.   Nothing has worked and in fact the compression stockings caused more pain.  The veins on the insides of my knees are causing a lot of pain to  the point that I can't let my legs touch at night.  I am having pains up my thigh on the inside and back.  I'm just so tired of this pain and Its affecting my sleep and my job.  A neighbor of mine underwent vein stripping and he was in tremendous pain.   I was reading about laser treatments but many people feel they are dangerous.  Are there any other medical options to try?  If so, what kind of doctor can do such procedures?  I know weight loss can help and I have recently lost some weight...but have a ways to go.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me
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Supposedly there is no cure for varicose veins (aside from surgery, that is). But I had seriously bad varicosities on my feet, particularly my ankles. Each ankle had a purplish sac of stagnant blood. Not only was the appearance horrifying, but the skin was beginning to flake and was close to  ulcerating.

At some point my varicose veins appeared to be less prominent and over a period of about two years disappeared altogether. My doctor was more amazed than I was. I tried to decide if I had done anything nutritionally that would explain the cure. The only thing I came up with was that at one point I decided not to take pills for minerals, but to add trace minerals to our filtered drinking water. To each gallon I added one tablespoon. In addition I added 16 drops of BioSil. It was two years after this that my varicose veins disappeared. But that is not all that happened. I had one large liver spot - that disappeared after about six months. The calluses on my feet softened and my cracked heels healed. My ears started producing normal wax.

I cannot ascribe the above improvements to anything other than my additions to our drinking water, It is possible that the BioSil was even more effective, in terms of the varicose veins, than the trace minerals. It is supposed to strengthen vessel walls.

My feet are completely free of any sort of discoloration or blotching. There is no evidence whatsoever of varicosities. The skin is soft and smooth.
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According to my instructor, the best way to lessen varicose vein is hanging up your feet while sleeping every night (by putting pillows under your feet) especially during the time that your feet is very tired from long standing and running....
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did the BIOSIL WORK and does anyoneknow where you buy trace minerals
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