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Risk of post-Venaseal scar-tissue or the glued-vein irritating nearby neuropathy?

This Q is best answered, either by an experiencer of co-neuropathy and CRPS like myself, or else by a vascular doctor who also has neurology experience.

The reason for my above Q, is because I read on blogmedicine.org that blood pooling in the legs, especially around the ankles, can press on key peripheral nerves causing sensations that feel very similar to what one experiences when they have peripheral neuropathy disease. So might the Vena-sealed vein do the same? Also, I heard a doctor warning on a vein-procedure video, that that procedure causes scar tissue, which in turn can trigger new varicosities, so why wouldn't Venaseal's scart-tissue do the same?

Now about myself: Aside from my accompanying neuropathy, tarsal tunnel tendencies, plantar fasciitis and CRPS, this month I was diagnosed with Severe Chronic Venous Insufficiency, per the ATL-HDI 5000 Ultrasound System featuring B-mode duplex with grey scale, color Doppler flow imaging.

I'd been considering Varithena, because i'd read that Venaseal results in scar-tissue around the sealed veins.

But on the other hand, I read that Varithena has risks too, as per the pittsburghveindoc site, which leaves me in a quandary - wanting another opinion on the latter as well.

I'd thought this site offered an Ask-the-doctor option, but i can't figure out how to access it. It's very frustrating that some of the most crucial medical points which are needed in order to make an informed decision, are left unanswered by those who post online info and videos about venous procedures. There really is a need for both transparency, and for more wholistic disclosure, because after all, veins can affect nerves, and vice versa!
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