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Things that Help

Healing from B6 toxicity is very slow and frustrating.

Please, list things that have lessened your pain.
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• Compression and tight clothes
• Not eating. Just drinking water.
• Taking Digestive Enzymes with each meal - Nature’s Plus Complete Digestive Aid Digestive Enzyme. Malt Diastase seems to be the ingredient which helps because I've tried most of the other ingredients alone and they didn't make a difference.
• Time. Waiting for my nerves to get better.
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Medications which help, but I've stopped taking them because they make me drowsy and I can't drive:
• Lyrica
• Gabapentin
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What  has been recommended to me as far as healing goes is taking acetyl L carnitine with alpha lipoic acid, Fish OIl Omega 3 with DHA and methyl B12 (sublingual form).
I am conflicted about avoiding foods with B6 since almost everything has a little B6 and for some it doesn't make a difference. For me, I can't tell really.
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This is a tricky question, because frankly, I am not sure.

It has been just terrible, and now frustrating, as it continues on and on.
THOUGH IT IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I take Magnesium, Calcium, CoQ10, Fish Oil, Vit C, B12 (not consistently) and now maybe more often D3.  
I live in a place where it will be dark longer, and a bit wet!

For the pain, I took St. John's Wort & Depon (paracetomal) if needed.
If I just needed to sleep, I would take a Children's Benadryl to knock me out.  
I also used very briefly KAVA (have to be careful w/ this) and Bach's Flower Remedies.

The most helpful to me has been believe it or not, hot water bottles.
I have at least one warm one with me every night.
I get up re-warm it.
I keeps the chill away, and it seems to relax the nerves.
Warm bath's with Epson Salts.
Warmth helps me.
Food - I eat everything.  It never made a difference with me, that I noticed.  I suffered no matter what!  I do stay away from junk or poorly prepared typed foods.  I did have potato chips and got sick as a dog!  In 10 chips there is mega doses of b6!  I do indulge in chocolate, and ice cream, etc.  

Megan had mentioned about weight loss.  Megan I am thin, & I still suffer....

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