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Anyone with a 6 month or 1 year update?

Anyone here who can share experiences on how long it took them to recover? Did it take 6 months? Did it take a year to feel better?
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I had severe magnesium deficiency for two years so I couldn't get my vitamin D levels up until I corrected that deficiency. The reason for my magnesium deficiency was insulin resistance and this deficiency worsened after surgery and high doses of vitamin D.
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I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency in May 2014 (13 weeks ago). My D level was 13 ng/ml. Had palpitations, dizziness, dysphagia, low blood pressure, irregular or low heart rate, occasional mild resting tremors back then. Serum magnesium levels were also slightly low (0.69 millimoles/L). Took ~5000 IUs of Vitamin D3 for 3 weeks and then 2000 IUs of Vitamin D3 for remainder of the time. Also took in plenty of sunshine. My levels as of last week were 36 ng/ml. But I am feeling no better. I am sleeping better but that's about all. My resting tremor is worse than ever. Now I have it all the time. At one point I was supplementing with upto 750 mg of magnesium (mag citrate) a day in addition to eating magnesium rich foods hoping this would make it better. I have now lowered this 300 mg because it lowered my heart rate even more. The resting tremors, which seem to radiate from the lower part of chest or upper abdomen are really bad after a meal. I also notice a mild head tremor and lower limb tremor when my feet are suspended above the ground. It takes me a while to fall asleep coz they are really bad when I first get into bed. My doctor refuses to even consider Parkinson's or MS. I am at my wits end. Don't know how long the recovery process is going to be.
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Can anyone who suffered vitamin D deficiency and had internal tremors provide updates? Was there complete remission of the tremors? Did anyone progress to full blown MS or Parkinson's?
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Hi to answer your question yes I do have vitamin D deficiency and I started to have internal tremors. I don't feel them at rest it's only when I am moving around I feel it mostly in my arms and fingers sometimes in my torso and head.. all my symptoms started back in October 2016 and I'm still feeling a lot of the symptoms now. But the Tremor started back in March 2017. And they are still going now in June. I had them before early on when a lot of my vitamin D symptoms have started but they only lasted a few hours and it wasn't every day. Now is every day and I haven't seen much change it hasn't really bothered me as far as doing my daily living but it is annoying. I'm hoping that me taking the supplements vitamin D3 would help me out at one point sometime soon. But I have noticed a big dramatic change in some of my symptoms since being on vitamin D3 I started in January of 2017 and some things have gotten better the only thing that has gotten worse is the Tremors because now they're lasting everyday all day. Everything else has improved.
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