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so i was working on a project right, and i had NO idea adhesive could harm you SO badly and i sprayed A LOT and i was in the living room. i had it GLOBBED up on the animals to make them stay down and so i was close to done so i went to bed because it was what... like... 12:35 or somethin like that but anyways my mom said she smelle  it and then she opened all the doors and windows and took all the things that could keep the chemicals around somewhere away. i changed clothes IMMEDIATELY and then my eyes burned and do right now (this happened last night) plus my head would hurt on and off but for short amounts of time fortunately and i was look to see the symptoms on other websites and i looked and everything and then i went to the bottom of the page and there was a picturw. im sure it wasnt a GIF but i saw i moving like you just got done with one of the hypnotic swirl thingys and it swirls... it looked like that... i was scarred out of my sh.. i went to bed yesterday and i slept on the floor by the window. i could breath better and today my nose is TOO CLEAR! it sort of hurts and there is no snot  but the boogers are up in there i guess b/c i feel it. i have slurred words sometimes and i am always feeling like im drunk or something... but im not.
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If you haven't yet, and still feel unwell, then go the Emergency room as a matter of urgency.  

You have poisoned your system by inhaling the fumes.  It is likely to subside over time.  Always use sprays in a well ventilated room and wear a mask if you do a lot of spraying.
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