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Hard lump behind ear

Hi, i have a lump behind my left ear its hard and its sometimes accompanied by severe headache, nape pain, and nausea. I know that lumps behind ears are supposed to be indicators of infections and that its probably a swollen lymph nodes. But i just find it odd that every time i suffer from from severe headache its getting bigger and harder and always with the symptoms i mentioned above. Does anyone know what this mean? Thank you.
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Why post this in the Vitamin D community?

At any rate, there are lymph nodes behind the ears (at the juncture connecting the neck and skull).

If your aft lymph node is reacting in this capacity every time you have the aforementioned symptoms, then it might mean your body is fighting off an infection.
What kind, I'm not sure.
You might want to go to the doctor and mention this for a proper diagnosis.

If you posted this in the Vitamin D section, then is it by any chance indicative of a potential question on your part that a deficiency in Vitamin D might cause something like this?

If that is the case... it 'might' be possible, but its not conclusive.
Vitamin D deficiency was linked to a large number of problems, but then again, just because there's a correlation, doesn't mean its proof of causation.

As I said, I recommend you go to the doctor and check it out.
While you are there, you might want to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D levels as well.
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Yes you would be better off posting in the general health community. But I'll try to help. Is the lump in the bony area behind the ear or in the soft tissue behind the ear as if it is a lymph node? If it is a swollen lymph node then yes it could be from an infection. But do you have any other symptoms? When a lymph node is hard it may not be a lymph node or it could be a problem. So you should see a doctor about this. You probably should see an ear nose and throat doctor if you can go straight to one. They can feel it and decide the next course of action. I had a lump in my throat that was hard and they thought it was a tumor but it was a muscle knot. But I have myofascial pain syndrome. So they did a CT scan on me. They may also want to rule out acoustic neuroma due to your symptoms. Any dizziness or vertigo? They also have to rule out a tumor. So they will probably do what they did to me  and do a CT scan. The lymph nodes should be kind of spongy not hard.
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