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How long to recover from vitamin D deficiency?

I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency last month(my level was 16). My symptoms include fatigue, low energy, brain fog, mild nausea. My doctor prescribed D2 50,000 IU once a week, but from what I understand D3 is better to take. I've been taking D3 50,000 IU once a week for 2 weeks now, and I see only a slight improvement. I have also been taking vitamin B complex. How long does it take to really start feeling better? Is there anything else that will help speed up the recovery process? Thanks!
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Taking D3 (5,000-10,000iu)daily is better to raise your levels. D3 has a half life of 19-25 hours. It's needs to be taken daily to keep levels up. Taking it in the morning with fats in you food will help this fat soluble vitamin absorb.

Magnesium needs to be taken with D3. It'll ease brain fog and fatigue.

Drink a lot of water to flush excess calcium from your body.

I raised my level from 19 to 62ng/mL in about 3 months.

Test your blood after taking supplements for 3 months. You need to figure out what maintenance dose of D to continue to take in order to keep your levels up.
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By the way...be careful with B Complex vitamins. They tend to put high doses of B6 in them and this vitamin can cause toxicity if taken at high doses.
Thank you Gemfly! Did you feel better after raising your vitamin D levels? I have been drinking a lot of water lately, and I will try the magnesium supplements. My calcium levels were in the high end of normal on my blood work (10.1 mg/dL).
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I usually follow my doctors advise as accurately as possible. And when I have faith in his expertise I usually have more patience for improvements.
As per weekly basis, you are taking a good dose, i think you should get a vitamin D checked up after at least a month to notice the levels being maintained back to normal. I hope your calcium levels are okay, as the two deficiencies are related. Also make sure your blood pressure is at least not above normal. However, Vitamin D helps with heart, especially when you are taking Calcium with that, say at least 250 mg per day. Stay hydrated. All the best!
Thanks! My calcium levels were normal, just in the upper limits.
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Such a low D level has to be making you feel really bad. Swear I felt like I was dying. It even gave me horrible anxiety and insomnia.

Taking those high doses of Vitamin D without magnesium is allowing calcium to go higher and not into proper areas in your body. The magnesium balances the calcium and should help bring it down.

Taking extra calcium when levels are high or normal will cause too much calcium in your system and can send extra calcium into arteries which can be very harmful. Extra calcium will also deplete more magnesium. Additional vitamin D will use more magnesium also

Be careful of potassium and sodium levels because more magnesium can throw off balance. I drink coconut water and added Celtic grey salt to help.

Well I was told I was anemic at the same time as being Low D.
I've had to raise iron levels too. The first 3 weeks were a nightmare. I was in so much pain. The D and magnesium were pushing calcium back into my bones and I was one of the unlucky ones to have bone and muscle pain.

I am doing better, but still have symptoms. I think it's low B12 though. It's not uncommon to be lowi in D and B12. Unfortunately the doctor didn't test my B12. I'm supplementing though and only way to test is if I stop taking B12 for at least 2 months. I'm not willing to stop right now to do that. B12 should be considered deficient if below 500.

You want your Vitamin D level to be 40-60ng/mL
50 or above is best.

I saw slight improvement after a few weeks. It takes awhile to recover for some people. Everyone heals at a different pace.
Definitely get magnesium. Magnesium deficiency  (as well as B12) have similar symptoms as D. Doctors don't always am test for it or think it's serious.

Magnesium Oxide has poor absorption.

Magnesium 'oil' is a topical liquid. It can sting. It can be diluted with more water. Don't spray on delicate or freshly shaven areas. It can be purchased pre-made. I haven't looked in health stores but seen it online. I make my own out of magnesium chloride bath flakes (not the same as Epsom Salt). I'll add the magnesium oil to store bought lotion and that method doesn't sting my skin. I rub it on painful muscles and it takes the pain away. I also do Epsom Salt foot baths.

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I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm glad you're doing better. I've been taking 200mg Magnesium Glycinate with my D3 everyday for over a week now, and see some improvements with my energy level and brain fog! I'm getting my D3 levels checked again in 2 months, so hopefully my levels go up and I continue to feel better.
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I tried magnesium glycinate but it didn't agree with me. Some people don't do well on the glycinate amino acids and I'm one of them.
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I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency in March. Level was 8ng. Similar symptoms to yours: brain fog, dizziness, lightheadedness and fatigue. Was prescribed 50000 units for 6 weeks, then 800 per day for 6 weeks. I've only just finished the 6wk 50000 dose and I still have most of my symptoms. The only thing that has improved a bit is the weakness. While I was taking the 50000 course the fatigue and pain were worse but that's over now. It apparently takes months to feel better from what I've seen on this website. It feels very comforting to know I'm not the only one going through this! Hopefully we will be better soon
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Yes, it's a terrible thing to go through, but you are not alone! I hope you feel better soon. Stay positive :)
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UPDATE. I got my Vitamin D levels checked again, and my level is now 48 ng/mL! I'm feeling much better than I was before. The fatigue is still hanging on to me though, as well as some stomach issues. Hopefully that goes away soon.
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Hi what is the symptoms of vitD deficiency and magnesium deficiency?thank you
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