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Knee pain for years - ideas?

Okay, hopefully this doesn't turn out too long. I'm NOT looking for a diagnosis, obviously. I just need opinions. And yes, I have seen a doctor about this and so far have gotten nowhere which is why I am on here asking for ideas.

I have had a "bad knee" for about six years now (as far as I can remember it's been since 2007). My knee pops a lot, especially when I bend down; I can actually HEAR it crunching and popping! It causes quite a bit of pain every now and then, some days worse than others. Sometimes it almost even feels numb around the kneecap. I went to see a doctor about it who swore it wasn't my bone but rather the tissue, just by feeling my knee. I swear it IS my knee but I'm not the professional so whatever. She sent me to get a $500 MRI on my knee, which basically turned up with nothing; therefore I don't believe it is the tissue after all. I am still having issues even when I wear a knee brace (which I have been wearing also since about 2007). Sometimes my knee almost feels detached and when I squat, my knee always feels like it's twisting some way that it shouldn't be and it hurts a lot.

ANY IDEAS?! I know it's hard to know what I'm talking about through my description but I'm hoping for opinions anyway. Thanks!

P.S. I am a perfectly healthy 22-year-old female with no injuries to the knee as far as I know. Never played any sports and no accidents that would have caused knee issues.
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I do not know if an MRI scan is the best form of imaging device to see arthritic changes in the bones of your knee, like osteoarthritis and degenerative changes.

To help strengthen the surrounding muscles around the knee joint, I was advised to do walking motions in the swimming pool and also to do step exercises.

If you are still having problems, you should go back to your doctor and ask to be referred to a physiotherapist.  Don't accept that there is nothing wrong - it is only that they haven't found the problem yet.

Best wishes.

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I had a popping in the knee and it turned out to be extra tissue in between my femur and patella. It could be a possibility of some extra tissue or your knee could not be aligned properly. Just ideas.
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My knee pops and crackles from magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium is needed to relax muscles and for hyaluronic acid synthesis which is used to lubricate joints. Glad i know this because i'd be going through a zillion tests with no diagnosis. Give magnesium supplements a try. Could be the simple answer. :)

Magnesium supplements, - to avoid,- how to take it and -safety:
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