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Please help me with as much information on D3 deficiency and cure?

My boyfriend started experiencing abdomen pain and pain on the right side of his midriff this January. He usually complained about feeling fatigue but we ignored thinking it's his schedule. With time the feelings increased. Lately, we considered multiple doctors and made him go through a lot of tests (LFT, KFT, Ultrasound of abdomen region, blood tests, CECT, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin D3 test). Mostly all tests came out to be normal, else than Vitamin tests where his B12 is 240 and D3 is just 22. The doctor recommended giving him Calcerol (60,000 IU) every alternate day. But he still feels the same. He constantly feels fatigue, complains of being in a dream like state, brain fogging, tired watery eyes, pain in various body parts and is always scared that he will never get better. Before this illness, he was a very bright and happy-to-g-lucky kind of a person but he is not the same anymore. He says his bones ache so much that he feels he might fracture them of over exertion. He keeps reading about diseases etc. on the internet and is going down the negativity trap. Has anyone of you ever had D3 deficiency? If yes, did you suffer from the same kind of things? How should we cure him and when will he get better? Please suggest. In dire need of advice.
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Taking D3 (5,000-10,000iu)daily is better to raise your levels. D3 has a half life of 19-25 hours. It's needs to be taken daily to keep levels up. Taking it in the morning with fats in you food will help this fat soluble vitamin absorb.

Magnesium needs to be taken with D3. It'll ease brain fog and fatigue.

His bones hurt because of the high doses of D. It's pushing the calcium and fluid into the bones. The magnesium balances the calcium. Split magnesium doses up throughout the day. He can take magnesium supplements and use magnesium 'oil' on his skin. It can skin, so dilute it with water. It's just magnesium chloride bath flakes and water made into a liquid solution. Epsom salt or magnesium flake baths/foot baths are helpful.

Drink a lot of water to flush excess calcium from your body.

I raised my level from 19 to 61ng/mL in about 3 months. Yes I had severe pain the first few weeks. The pain got better after that. I had brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, muscle/bone pain, moodiness, headaches/migraines, dizziness, muscle weakness, eye sensitivity, etc. I still have some symptoms. I believe it's from B12.

Test your blood after taking supplements for 3 months. You need to figure out what maintenance dose of D to continue to take in order to keep your levels up.

His B12 is too low. Anything under 500 needs supplementation. He may be in need of B12 injections.
Hi I have had all the symptoms you mentioned. My level was at 8ng. Managed to raise it to a healthy level in 2months but some of my symptoms still remain. How long did it take for you to fully recover?
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