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Recovery time after VDD

I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency (VDD) about 4 months ago. The Vitamin D levels have been normal for the past 3 months.

I have palpitations, muscle twitching/pins-needles/numbness/bone pain in my arms, legs, back and some pain even in my eyes and jaw.  I thought this was related to some spinal issue induced by VDD. I had an MRI of my entire spine and the spine specialist said it is fine with no disc related issues. My blood tests (Full Blood Count/various electrolytes such as sodium,potassium,magnesium etc) are normal which excludes malignancy to some extent.

I don't have an explanation as to why I am continuing to face various symptoms without respite *daily*. Since my symptoms are *worsening* this suggests the VDD was a red-herring. I have a few questions:

1. What is the average time after VDD when the symptoms start to vanish and people feel they are recovering?
2. Assuming the bones get leeched of their minerals due to VDD (osteomalacia)  and it starts to re-mineralize after supplements, would there be sustained pain during bone re-modeling?
3. Are there instances of the bone re-modelling causing nerve compressions (possibly because they are happening in haphazard fashion - Ex: Pagets disease) resulting in tingling/pins-needles/numbness feeling?

I know something is wrong but don't know which doctor to go now (rheumatologist? neurologist?)

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I am having pretty much the same problem let me know if you find anything out.
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1. Depends on what your levels were before.
Orthodoxy recommendations for Vitamin D levels are usually in the range of 32-34 ng/mL (which per Vitamin D council is actually considered a 'deficiency state').

Recovery times will vary from person to person depending on the type of supplementation they receive.
10 000 IU of D3 on a daily basis, or 70 000 IU of D3 on a weekly basis should be enough to bring levels up to sufficiency in 3 months... maybe 6 months.

As I said, recovery times will vary, but I'd give it 3 to 6 months.

2. Don't know. Possibly. Each body reacts differently, hence this could be relatively unpredictable.
When I started supplementing with Vitamin D, I didn't really notice anything of the kind... but then again, most of the benefits my body might get from supplementation would likely be gradual and unnoticeable.
To this date, I don't ever recall having Herx reactions when receiving antibiotics even in the case of having an infection which went on unchecked for a bit of time - but that's just me.

3. Don't know. See my answer to your second question. Each person is different in their biochemical makeup and how they behave... therefore, environmental stimulus could have different effects from person to person.

Vitamin D deficiency was associated with A LOT of medical problems.

It is also strange to note that doctors to this day prescribe Vitamin D2 for raising serum levels in the blood, even though D2 is a synthetic version which was documented to NOT produce benefits in the body such as the ones that usually ensue with D3 supplementation.

Also... if supplementing with D3, make sure to include Vitamin K2 as MK-7 (at least 100 mcg).
This is an important co-factor which works together with Vitamin D in the body.
Even more important than Magnesium (levels of which should rise automatically as D3 levels rise as well) that can easily be obtained via diet for the most part.
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How long have you been having the symptoms. My D level has come back to normal for more than 2 months now and still i have symptoms worsening. Does your symptoms come and go (i.e. you have good days apart from bad days?). Mine is just continously bad days - one day the ache is at the back, the next day at the thighs then the skull. So no respite!
My levels were 34 nmol/L (13.6ng/ml) and now have come back to normal 110 nmol/L.
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I have had it about 3 to 4 months my level is up around a 40 now about the only change i have had is the headaches are gone and i have more energy then I did. the pain in the back lower and upper  back  comes and goes as well as the joint pain pretty much all over. I also feel really hot some days with no fever per the thermometer its some weird stuff not totally convinced it is all D related but have ran so many tests and all been normal its crazy.
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