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VDD recovery time..


i am 32 y.o ,  was diagnosed in october 2017 with VDD ( level 16.8 ng/ml) .

Symptomes : Headache(  On top and posterior of the head) ,head pressure, Tinnitus (24/7), weakness in arms and legs, muscle twitching (legs), dizziness, nausea, brain fog, low concentration, poor memory, depression, anxiety, palpitation, high pulse rate crisis ( 120+/bpm), sometimes High Systolic Pressure (170/80).

Tests done:  (cardiology, ENT, neurology, blood tests, Thyroid, abdominal Ultrasounds, head CT, head MRI, chest X-ray ) all was normal, Except low vitamin D level.

started to take Vitamin D3 5000 IU/day for 1 week, then increased to D3 10.000 iu/day + Magnesium + Multivitamin. and Ramipril (to lower blood pressure)

Now no Dizziness No nausea, but still feeling the other symptoms ( with little improvement) .
i feel little better, some good days and bad days.

how much time need to feel better? i am depressed , and can not concentrate in studying :(
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Have your thyroid function your methylocobalamin B12 and methylfolate levels properly checked!

You standard blood tests could be the WRONG ones for thyroid function and the methylated (bioactive) types of B12 and folate respectively.

For thyroid insist for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3.
For methylocobalamin B12 and methylfolate, ask for an MMA test and repeat after a few weeks, for better accuracy.

You may need a bit more magnesium in your tissues and for that I suggest you look into transdermal magnesium oil.

In addition to what you have been taking, consider adding vitamin K2 which is an absolutely necessary for calcium metabolized by Vitamin D3 to get deposited in teeth, bones and joints (instead of soft tissues.

What type of multivitamin are you currently taking?

It may take a while to reach high D levels, specially if you have any form of vitamin D resistance.
When taking the D3 , make sure you take it with a meal
containing some good fats, since vit. D is fat soluble.

Best wishes,

Doesn’t seem like anyone just has Vitamin D Deficiency.  Seems like it’s just a sign that other things are wrong or going to be.  
I was vdd 2 months ago at 15.2 and in 7 weeks am at 44.9.  Feel no better.  Actually worse because I thought this was going to be the answer.  My magnesium and calcium are in good range too.
Anyway now I’m focusing on hypothyroidism as people like Niko have alerted me about.  
I am confused by vdd.  Don’t know how bad just having that can make you feel and if you are supposed to feel better even when numbers are in good range.
I was hoping for that to be my only problem and once I fix that it’ll be onward and upward.  That clearly hasn’t happened.  In fact I haven’t heard or read one single post of someone fixing their vitamin d deficiency and being back to normal.  It just seems like an indicator that other things are wrong.  
I’m very let down because I was actually  very relieved at first to be diagnosed with it and figured I’d be good soon.  
Hope I’m wrong and you are fine soon.  
but i did all tests for the thyroid... T3 T4 TSH... Ecoghraphy,,,, all normal
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Hii all... thanks for the answer..

Nikos, i am taking Centrum A to Z multivitamin,Vitamin D, magnesium orotate, and just started to take Vitamin K2  now.  i am now in the 3rd week

yesterday i was in ER due to heart palpitation and muscle weakness.
they did all examination, and was everything fine. doctor said its only tachycardia due Anxiety!
B12 normal
T2, T3 Normal
folate normal.
everything else normal too.
doctor said it can be due the VDD.

i was by Endocrinologist and she said stop medication for 2 weeks. and then to do the Following tests:
calcium Ionic (Which was normal in my last Blood test)
Calcium Total (Which was normal in my last Blood test)
Magnesium Serum (Which was normal in my last Blood test)
Sodium potassium (Which was normal in my last Blood test)
Cortisol saliva test
Aldosteron serum
aldosteron in urine
Plasmatic Renin
1.25 oh Vitamin D
parathyroid hormone
Fosfor, Phosphatase

what do you think about it? it will cost me lot of money that i dont have  :/

thank you

TSH level normal too
and Thyroid Ecography normal
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Well, at first glance your tests may look OK, however, the serum magnesium, the TSH, B12 and folate test results could be misleading.
Misleading results could keep you from getting possible deficiencies corrected.

The "correct" tests are:
--Magnesium RBC
--Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 for thyroid function.
--MMA (repeat within a few weeks) for Methylocobalmin  B12 and Methylfolate. These are the methylated active forms of B12 and folate, which are not indicated in a standard blood test, which shows only the inactive unmethylated forms.

The quality of Centrum A-Z multi-vitamin is questionable,
not because it may contain harmful ingredients, but because some of the inexpensive forms of vitamins and
nutrients may be the wrong type.
Instead of getting absorbed into the body and used as needed, they may not get absorbed/converted  and also may saturate/plug cell receptor sites, thus perpetuating
a deficiency (which BTW may never get diagnosed)
Also some of the fillers may not be right for you.

Magnesium Threonate is claimed to be one of the best
oral forms of Magnesium for absorption, however, I suggest to complement any oral form taken with
Transdermal Magnesium Oil (magnesium chloride flakes 30-50% mixed with water) for better results.
Oral magnesium absorption is very low.
Increasing dosage doesn't work well, as magnesium is very laxative!

If finances are tight, you may do Dr Barnes  Basal Temperature test on your own using a glass thermometer.
Follow the online instructions to the "T".

For the rest, you may do a trial  supplementation of
Transdermal MgCl oil (daily for a few weeks) , Methylocobalamin B12 and Methylfolate.

Best wishes,
Hii nikos
Yesterday i recieved all new blood test results..  All in normal range!!!
So still the only abnormal value is the vitamin d!
Hi faour.
Can you post your results?
I'm able to screen them fast for any inconsistencies, flaws and point out any  notable observations.
Some significant but subtle details, often get missed or dismissed and that could make a difference.
The interpretation of lab results, specially thyroid seems to be all over the place!
This simply puzzles me.
Pls post lab ranges as well.
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