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Vitamin D Deficiency ?

Can a Vitamin D deficiency cause this much pain? Went to the doc for muscle pain & weakness with increasing shooting pains to the point of affecting everyday functioning.
Blood test came back low in Vitamin D. Result was 11, (should be 26 to 55). Other results OK. Cervical Spine & lower back MRI
OK. Treatment is 50,000 units of D per week for 4 weeks and thereafter once a month. Been on it for 4 months. Feel at times like I was in accident.Have researched on the net, and still find it difficult to believe that this can cause this much suffering. Anyone familiar with anything like this?
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Vitamin D deficiency is caused by something,some underlying disease process so I'd ask my doctor WHY I was vitamin D deficient. It can be cause by numerous conditions. With it that low, I'd want to find out what was causing it. Google "what causes vitamin D deficiency?" and you will come up with many reasons why this can happen the go to your doctor and ask about those conditions. I'd also get a referral from the doctor to a specialist ASAP. An endochronologist might be good.good luck
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True enough that vitamin D deficiency has been in the news but that isn't any excuse, doctors seem to give us cursory care and don't seem to try very hard to get to the bottom of things sad to say. the system is a mess that much is for sure. I was partially and under diagnosed and I know the feeling. One thing I did was learn all about blood testing because they say "your fine, just a vitamin deficiency" and blow off the symptoms and your quality of life is in the dirt. It's frustrating and can be dangerous. I got to the point where I went to the doctor and ASKED for specific tests and that worked. A CBC can included a lot or not very much depending on what they check off. It's almost as if they don't care to search for the answers. Hopefully with persistence you will get to the bottom of it. I know rickets ( don't laugh it happens!)can be a result of lack of vitamin D absorption and that is said to hurt quite a bit. Definately have your bones checked for hypocalcemia and various other conditions involving the bones. Could be a malabsorption issue, I am no doctor but some of the more dangerous things should be ruled out that are clearly associated with this condition. I'd have my bones checked, kidneys checked and a good GI evaluation if you can't come up with anything with the endocronologist. Good luck with finding answers. Don't give up!
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If you go to the doctor and they do not give you the reason for something like vitamin D deficiecy, you might not realize that that only happens if you have an underlying disease process going on. You don't just develop a vitamin D deficiency in isolation, it happens for a reason. It is a good way to show your doctor his job is not over, he needs to go deeper into why this is occuring and not just load her up with vitamin D and send her on her way. Taking huge amounts of vitamin D and ignoring what is causing it is not good medicine. For that reason she/he needs to see that there IS a reason and the easiest way is to google it or go to the ibrary and read up on it.

Sorry but if you have developed something like a vitamin D deficiency your best shot is to do research yourself to find out why, EVERYONE is utimatey in charge of their OWN medica care in this world. This is not a symptom she is googling it is a SPECIFIC condition she has already been diagnosed with.
I guess you'd prefer she just not know what is really wrong with her and think it is just a vitamin deficiency? That makes no sense and she still does't know WHY this occured even after going to the doctor and being "diagnosed" she has NOT been diagnosed, she is only partially diagnosed at this point.
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Thanks so much for your responses. Kalio1 - I agree totally that I have only a partial diagnosis, and that this is most likely a symptom of something else. It appeared that my doctor was going to take an agressive approach to figure out what was happening to me when she ordered such extensive blood work, but she is now resolved to accept Vitamin D deficiency as the end all, be all. There's been a lot of press lately on the topic of decreased levels of D in women. Most of what I've read attributes this to sunscreen and adults no longer drinking enriched milk, and listed symptoms include general muscle and joint pain. I guess my doctor is reading the same thing. Ok, I can understand where this can create mild symptoms of discomfort. In fact, some articles state that most women won't even know that are deficient. But I am saying that sometimes it takes all I have to walk my dog or get up the stairs, and the shooting, stabbing pains come out of nowhere. I am frustrated and depressed about how this is affecting my life. I was thinking of seeing a neurologist, but maybe an endocronologist is a better next step. Won't quit until I have answers that make sense!
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Have you every been prescribed Levoquin or a cyclosporin anti-biotic?
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Caregiver222 - Have not taken Levoquin or cyclosporin. Why do you ask?

Kalio1 - Thanks again!
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