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Vitamin D deficiency and Hypoparathyroidism

Hi.  I have had a lot of problems.  I recently found out that I have a severe vitamin d deficiency.  My doctor also did bloodwork to look at the parathyroid since the PTH levels can increase to compensate for the low vitamin d.  We found out instead that my parathyroid hormone was low.  She said this suggested Hypoparathyroidism.  I have seen things about hyperparathyroidism, but not much on hypoparathyroid or an underproductive parathyroid.  I also have major numbness and tingling and muscle spasms.  The doctor said this is because my body tissues are unable to absorb calcium.  Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what all this means?  How is this problem fixed?  Just trying to find some more info before my next appointment with the doctor.  Thanks.
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You probably know by now, but hypoparathyroidism (HP) is rare. It can occur due to low Parathyroid Hormone (PTH), inability to form active PTH and inability of kidneys to respond to PTH. Low PTH usually is a complication of damage to parathyroid gland following thyroid surgery or neck surgery or any damage to gland for any reason. Inability to form active PTH is either acquired or congenital. Acquired form is generally due to an autoimmune disorder in which the body reacts against its own parathyroid cells. Resistance of kidney and bones to PTH is very rare.

“Vitamin D and calcium supplements are the primary treatments for this disease regardless of the cause.  The only exception is when the inactivity of PTH is due to hypomagnasemia which is readily treated with magnesium supplementation.  At this time, a replacement form of PTH is not available.”

Please refer to this link for further clarification: http://www.endocrineweb.com/hypopara.html

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else.

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Please... Severe vitamin D deficiency DOES NOT always cause elevation of PTH, thus normal PTH levels with severe vitamin D deficiency doesn't mean you have hypoparathyroidism (unless you have hypocalcemia).

The treatment for severe vitamin D deficiency is INACTIVE vitamin D (cholecalciferol), at high doses (intially 50.000 UI/week during 2-4 weeks and then 25.000 UI/15 days=1.600 UI/day).

Please don't take ACTIVE vitamina D (calcitriol) unless hypoparathyroidism is really and correctly diagnosed.
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