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Vitamin D deficiency and heart

Is there a known connection between Vitamin D deficiency (VDD) and heart related issues - particularly palpitations and a dull ache in the chest that comes and goes?

I am a male, mid thirties, of Indian origin living in UK. I had recently been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency 34 nmol/L (13.6ng/ml). It got diagnosed because i had lot of muscle spasms/twitching/numbness and they found my calcium to be low at 1.95 mmol/L. I also had high PTH and alkaline phosphate (which i presume is the norm with VDD). I was prescribed supplements (20,000 IU cholecalicerol aka D3 once every week) and 6000 m g Calcium Carbonate each day. My calcium seems to have improved (2.2 mmol/L now) and i have lesser muscle twitches now.

However, when I lie down i could hear my heart beat faster (palpitations?) for a few minutes and then goes away and repeats itself. There is also a dull ache in the chest that comes and goes. Then there is the pain in joints which i presume is because of low calcium/VDD.

I would want to hope that i am of less risk to heart diseases (no smoking/drinking/lean build).The GP just said if it persists go to A&E but I am not sure if i have to go to the A&E and get it checked since the pain is not excruciating. Diagnosis in this country seems to be very slow (although the good thing is it is all free and it would be unfair to exploit it if it is not life threatening)

Appreciate your insights.
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Get yourself some magnesium supplements.  Take 500 mg every morning and start eating foods rich in magnesium.  Take the calcium at night.  

Because you started calcium, the magnesium deficiency you undoubtedly have is actually getting worse.  I suggest you start magnesium tomorrow.  
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Thanks for responding. I am vegetarian but my diet is generally rich in magnesium (lot of almonds for breakfast/chickpeas based hummus for lunch) - so i would be surprised if this would make a difference.

However, since i am desperate, I bought a supplement following your suggestion and am taking 150mg to start with and will gradually increase.

I am not able to find any article suggesting that VDD causes palpitations and dull chest pains/dizziness, especially since my calcium is in normal range now.

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