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Vitamin D deficiency issue?

HALLELUIAH!!  In browsing some of the posts (not sure why my computer won't let me respond to any of them), looks like i have found some answers.  Hoping some people can fill me in on some expectations.

I am 37 (male) and for weeks i have been feeling what i called light headed, but had alot of difficulty explaining it to my Dr. The best i could explain it is a feeling of almost constant fogginess, tired, slightly buzzed, or the sense that you get from sitting at a computer screen most of the day at work.    

I thought i was going crazy (and so did my doctor who says my description wasn't lightheaded).  The prognosis up until now was that it was a combination of exhaustion (have twin toddlers), i've never been a great sleeper but i generally get enough, and stress/anxiety (i would agree), and i am a little heavier than i should be.

So after multiple tests to rule out diabetes, hypoglicemia, lyme disease, high blood pressure, finally did a vitamin blood test and found that my Vit D level is around 11 and should be above 30 (not sure what the metric is).  And potassium levels slightly low as well.

As of yesterday the doc put me on 50,000 IUs of Vit D (weekly), so i am encouraged by some of the posts that i read that we may have found the issue.

However, not so encouraged to see how long this could take to feel normal again.  Hoping some people can chime in with their experience in how long it took them to start feeling well enough to start light excersize (i was excersizing a few times per week the last 6 months to try and lose some weight, but right now couldn't fathom being on an elyptical), as well as start feeling well enough to walk around for longer periods of time (we're going on vacation in 2 weeks to a small kids amusement park).  I don't feel like i'm losing my balance or stumbling, but worried that the cloudiness i feel may make for a rough day at the amusement park.  

Many thanks, and hope all are recovering well.

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It's estimated to affect half the planet has vitamin D deficiency. Considering that anything from cold to cancer is linked to vitamin D deficiency this is not surprising.  

Magnesium is the boss of all the major minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium) and the powerful steroid hormone that was misnamed a vitamin - vitamin D.  Don't mess with the boss or you will see you are still vitamin D deficient after all that supplementation.

Bonus tip: fat doesn't make you fat but high insulin does.  Good article on this: Fat Can't Make You Fat! by Christine Cronau.
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You might want to get a little sunshine also to get your D levels up unless you have a problem with the sun.  Just do what is safe for you, even if that's 15 minutes.  And you can wear a hat to protect the delicate parts.  

I agree that magnesium is important to supplement also.  I was also anemic when I was vitamin D deficient.  
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thank you both for your response.  at the moment my magnesium levels were fine, however in addition to the vitamin D supplements per doctor perscription, am taking a multivit that has magnesium.

just wondering if any of you have gone through these same senses with the deficiency, and how long it took to start feeling normal again?  so far from what i am seeing people are reporting that it takes many months (even over a year) to start feeling normal after starting up a vit D supplement plan.  is that really what i am up against?

thanks again for your feedback, greatly appreciated.
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My notable symptoms of vitamin D - poor immune system (cold, influenza, bronchitis, strep throat), bone pain in my hands, leg muscle weakness, constant need to clear my throat due to excess mucus.  My vitamin D level was 30 nmol/L (12 ng/mL).  

Symptoms slowly improved over the months (after i corrected my severe magnesium deficiency) and i reached 75nmol/L (30 ng/ml).  My vitamin D has dropped again to 50 nmol/L (20 ng/ml) but my symptoms told me that already!  I find it hard to keep my vitamin D levels up.  Vitamin D council recommend 125 - 200 nmol/L (50 - 80 ng/mL) year round. I'm trying! :)
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Have you had thyroid testing done?  Hypothyroidism causes many of the same symptoms as Vitamin D deficiency and the 2 often go hand in hand.

You should ask to get TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tested, along with thyroid antibodies.
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Many people don’t get enough vitamin D. It’s needed for bone health, hormone production and protection against cancer.
You get vitamin D from the sun and a few foods  mostly deep sea cold water fatty fish.
If you live in the north, it’s impossible to get enough D from sunlight, November to February.
Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.
Vitamin D prevents rickets. Adults can develop a similar condition — osteomalacia  where slight bone softening causes a pain mistaken for fibromyalgia. Low D can increase the risk of cancers colon, breast and prostate. Vitamin D inhibits the cell growth typical of cancer in most tissues of the body. D reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Correcting D can reduce blood pressure.

Your doctor should check your 25-hydroxy vitamin D. Below 20 are deficient, 20 - 30 borderline, and 30- 50 healthy. The best month to test is November. If you’re low, then at the end of winter you will be very low.
10 minutes of direct sun on the face and arms 2 to 3 times a week is all you need. March through October (year round in the Deep South). Even an SPF 8 sun screen, however, will block vitamin D production by 90%. So get some direct sun and wear sun screen the rest of the time.
If you're low take 50,000 units in one capsule once a week for eight weeks should be OK. Then 50,000 units once or twice a month. The usual daily recommended amount is 800 to 1200 units.
Most experts say 5,000 to 10,000 units a day are safe. Toxicity causes absorption of too much calcium resulting in kidney stones, kidney failure and calcification of the arteries. The above is well within the safe range.
Halibut (3 oz)  680
Catfish (3 oz)  570
Pink Salmon, canned (1/4 cup)  400
Tuna, canned (1/4 cup)  130
Milk (1 cup)  100
Some OJ (8oz) 100
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I too have a low vitamin D levels and Have more mental issues than the aches and pains of bones i am on 5000 icu vitiamin D3 and will be testing again in 3 months my levels were 17/ng please comment on my post and see if you have had the same symptons or related
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Timing is everything: Calcium and vitamin D supplements before exercise may aid bone responses

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My level was at 9 when first diagnosed.  It only took about 2 weeks to feel a lot better.  I, like you, was put on 50,000 iu's / once week.  When my levels fall off I know right away and get them checked.  

I hope you have a good day at the amusement park. Drink lots of water and pace yourself.

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