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Vitamin D deficient after chemo and radiation

I just got the lab results this afternoon after blood tests last week. This was done by my family doctor whom I very much trust. My vitamin D level was 18 and was told this was very low. I understand that. I will be picking up my prescription in the morning for a large dosage of vitamin D. I take this once a week and will be taking it for 3 months. I then will receive blood work then to recheck the vitamin D. If my vitamin D level has improved, my doctor will then recommend a good over-the-counter vitamin D supplement. I will definitely take the vitamin D as recommended.

I am a rather recent breast cancer patient. I had late stage 2 invasive ductal cancer caused by being estrogen receptor positive. I did have a mastectomy of my right breast, then removal of auxillary lymph nodes under the arm area, chemo and then 25 rounds of radiation. I had the mastectomy and lymph node removal performed in August 2012. So, I am approximately a year and a half out on that. The chemo was completed in December 2012. The radiation was completed in February 2013. I am very thankful to be able to say that I am currently a cancer survivor.

I am not sorry for the treatments I had to take to rid myself of breast cancer. Chemo and radiation though do not come without complications. They are sometimes referred to the gifts that keep giving. I have recovered rather well considering. My question though concerns being this low on vitamin D. Radiation can cause bone problems. Chemo has its list as well. Being vitamin D deficient would explain the muscle and bone pain I am feeling. It is a daily thing. Sure I am fatigued, etc., but is it still a lingering effect of treatment or having a vitamin D deficiency? I have never been deficient in vitamin D until this last set of blood work. My thyroid is functioning within normal range, my liver enzymes, kidneys, etc. according to these labs are all fine.

I have read on other various forums and articles today conflicting things. Some sites just mention the muscle and joint pain mainly. Other sites list a wide range of symptoms. I do fall within the wide range of symptoms. Headaches, tinnitis, etc. I even had my ears irrigated and cleaned this last visit to my doctor. My hearing has improved, but the ringing of ears remain.

I am sorry this is rather long. I don't believe in making something out of a mole hill. I am taking this vitamin D situation most seriously though. Having had cancer, it just makes me wonder, if something else is going on. I am praying I never get cancer again. But, this is my second time with cancer in over 20 years. Much is being studied now on vitamin D. These studies are linking this to cardio problems, diabetes and cancer. The vitamin D deficiency makes me wonder about bone mets to be honest. Which does happen with breast cancer. Any input would be appreciated. God bless.

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I've been on ergocalciferol 50,000IU once a week for quite some time its generally effective
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Ergocalciferol is Vitamin D2. Its a synthetic form which is much less potent, but will be converted into Vitamin D3 in the body (with losses).

As a side note... D2  is not too healthy for the body because it was noted that in athletes it can cause muscle tearing (as opposed to Vitamin D3)... plus that generally speaking, high doses of D2 can result in some toxicity, whereas with D3, this isn't the case.

At any rate, I would advise that if you are on Vitamin D supplementation (preferably D3), then make sure to also get enough Magnesium in your diet, as well as Zinc (and possibly Selenium).

I had adenocarcinoma cancer surgery in 2014, radiation and chemo was deferred, the cancer came back in 2016 this time after surgery I had radiation and chemotherapy, as a result now I had a cataract surgery and now I'm taking vitamin D3, I'm also scheduled for another surgery in my neck because of stenosis all of this is a result of the chemo and radiation, but I'm glad to be alive
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