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Vitamin D level

I took blood test today due to severe muscle and joint pain.. My vitamin D level is 11.5.Can someone suggest is this too low or normal level..if low level then what s the medication
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Please somebody answer me
Conventional medicine says that anything lower than 20 is too low.  Red Star is right, though, that optimal level is between 80-100.  When my level was low like yours is, I was prescribed a weekly megadose, but I was told to take an additional 5,000 iu daily of vitamin D3 for maintenance until I got my levels up to par.  This means you will also need to do something similar with your doctor's supervision.  You will need a follow up test for your vitamin D levels.  So, this means you need to go back to your doctor and talk about your strategy for getting your vitamin D levels back up.  I still take 4,000 iu daily even now to prevent my levels from getting too low again.  You really want your levels in the optimal levels for over all health and well-being.
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Yes that level is too low. Take vitamin D3. Optimal vitamin D for cancer prevention is stated to be 100 - 150 nmol/L (40 - 60 ng/mL).

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