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Why vitamin D is too high after few days of vitamin D deficiency? No energy in body

About 3 months ago my vitamin D level test result was 9.44 ng/mL . Then I was absolutely weak, I had too less energy and more symptoms.
My doctor prescribed me vitamin D3 supplements. He pushed me two vitamin D injections (600,000 IU per injection dose) having a gap of 7 days between the pushes. He also prescribed 400 IU  vitamin D tablet per day with other medicines.

After taking all the injections and medicines for 1 month I did not feel any improvement of my condition. Then I knocked my doctor again and he prescribed 60,000 IU vitamin D tablet per week for 2 months.

The strange thing is here now! While taking the vitamin D of 60,000 IU per week, I checked up my vitamin D level and it gave me a shocking result. This test result said that my vitamin D level was ">160 ng/mL".

I informed this strange matter to my doctor but he told me that it was cool. I cannot understand how  more than 160 ng/mL is good and cool! However, i continued taking the supplements as doctor said.

One month has gone more after that shocking test result. So far zeroooo percent improvement of my condition. I am still weak, low in energy etc. Though my test result showed me that I have very high vitamin D but why I still have vitamin D deficiency symptoms? My life is totally stuck and I am tensed about my strange condition. Please help me.
Many thanks in advance.
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How about a mega dose of common sense for your doctor.?
1 Vitamin D  does not work well by itself.
2.You are probably getting deficient in tissue magnesium by now with all that vitamin D supplementation. Have an RBC magnesium test, or simply take some Mg daily!
3. Excess calcium going to the soft tissues causing calcification and other issues Vitamin D needs K2, so the metabolized calcium can get transported to the bones, joints and teeth and not the soft tissues
4. Your calcium/magnesium ratio would be right off the...chart.
5. Omega-3 is another Vit. D co-factor
6. Have your doctor order Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 tests for Hypothyroidism and also a complete Iron Panel.
7. Avoid Mega dosing in the future. The body is not designed to process properly huge quantities of ANYTHING  in a short period of time! Try drinking 20 liters of water in a day!
Hope it helps.
How are you now??
My vitamin D level also 96nl/mg but having pain same.
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