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body Imbalance/nausea

I am 28 years old. I had gone through forum and found you with related symptoms of mine like body offbalance/imbalance  always and sometimes cant concentrate on things, with people who talk because of always imbalance. while driving, walking also I feel same. I had my MRI brain, ECG, 2D Stress, thyroid all were normal. Nausea is always but never vomit. due to nausea cant eat much.
even when I sit on chair sometimes I feel I fall down. and when I try to walk/drive in sunny days I cant even drive or walk because of sun. it feels I cant even walk and feel like imbalance more in sun.

When I showed to ENT specialist he said its not vertigo. Imbalance is different thing and he did not recommend me any medicine and said its all your feelings only which generate anxiety and imbalance.
after gone through several forums found out Vit D Deficinecy and checked that after that found I am Vit D deficient person just 2 days back.

So my question is by taking vit d  medications will imbalance problem vanish?

Please need your help badly because daily life is spoiling because of this issue.
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Hey I'm 28 too and recently found out that I have a D deficiency as well as  B12 . My Dr. Prescribed me a prescription for vitamin D. Its made of vitamin d2& d3 though.  However I've been skeptical to take it because reading about vitamin D2 being super toxic if not taken correctly or being absorbed correctly. I was also told to get and take a vitamin B12 supplement over the counter. My vitamin D prescription I didn't fill however I have been taking vitamin D3 in chewable format, but my prescription called for 5,000 units a week. My vitamin D level was 15, I was actually told that I had rickets. It has only been a couple of weeks since taking the vitamins although I don't have very much energy at all still yet I am feeling a bit better. Trust me I know the feeling of wanting your life back or to just be able to do something. Good luck!
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Vitamin  B12   35 yrs old here and just getting help. I am taking B12 shots every day for 2 weeks and then weekly. Also Vit D.  I was also diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but all my symptoms are the b12, the Lyme is just a relapse I believe.  Get a Lyme disease test done as well, ask for a Western Blot.
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I've been taking Vitamin D3 with calcium for a little over a year since having an initial result of 26. At first, my balance problems, dizziness, and vertigo were much stronger than now. After D3 supplementation of 1800 IU and lying in the sun a lot this past year, the balance problems and my energy, strength, and muscle tone have substantially improved. A host of Vitamin D deficiency symptoms (many not listed on laymen's sites - and too many for me to list here) have substantially decreased. I now almost believe I'll get back to where running, looking up, driving, breathing, watching TV, eating, sitting, concentrating, flying, thinking, sleeping, et CETERA will be easy.
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Get help from a neuro specialist
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