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i HAVE vit D deficiency, but does this explain loss of smell and neuropathy?

Over 2months ago in jan 8th, when i took generic benadryl with dextromorphan, acetomeniphen, phenyleprine,(pill. after about an hour, noticed i loss about 99 of smell which in turn made me unable to taste certain flavors. Throughout the whole day i started feeling unusually shivering and cold. and notice i started to get tingling on the left side of my body. the next day my smell hasnt returned, and i went to the ER, was afriad it was a stroke or some brain injury. Spent 5 1/2 hours trying to find out the cause, but was unable, the whole time the doctor did notice my other symptoms i was jerking twitching while on the bed, and felt very tingly, i also have tachycardia. i was eventually discharged, over the next few days, i still had sense of smell loss which went to 50% but went to 90% loss very quickly over the next few days. While i was sleeping, at night my neuro symptoms intensified, my myclonic jerks, twitching increased, and RLS developed, at the same time i realized i also pins and needle show up on the left side of my body.

After about 1 week, the pins and needle came back on my left hand and feet. Then a few weeks later i noticed i had loss all internal sensations(full or empty bowel,stomach,bladder, eye movements) Any internal movement you can think of is loss. Actually about 99% gone, because i can still have a bowel movement, pee, and stomach sensations only when its overwhemgly and prolonged stimulation. i do not have loss of bowel movement, no loss of bladder control.
The pins and needle came and went and move around my hands feet above the ankles. this is over the weeks as its now.
The pins and needles eventually started to appear more frequently on the right side, but not as frequent as left.
In feb 2 i went to the pcp, for possible diagnosis, but i hit a wall, as the pcp kept insisting that my conditions were mental, or genetic in nature.

Within the week, my pins and needles progressed to cool feeling(randomly but not frequently), now im experiencing random joint pains(1-2 sec bursts, not frequently or constant). Also the twitching is more prevelant when i am still.
I have been diagnosed with vit d deficiency, i am taking 2k per day(i dont know how long i have to be on) but she wanted 4k but was scared it causes itchyness, i already have itchyness from the so-called rashes i got, she diagnosed me with atopic dermatitis, which i dispute, as some other doctor said was contact.
Due to me being on welfare(MEDI-CAL ) i am not able to see my medical tests or records online, as they do not have this technology, but the medical center i go to seems to have it integrated into thier database. I do not have to acess to it, unless i pay for copies of medical record, they dont accept cash.
Furthermore, my specialist appt is in aprl 30th, which cannot be changed to earlier, because of me being a mED-CAL patient. i did not go the pcp appt last week because its across the city from where i live, and the pcp is already losing favor, because my previous visits with her was not finding whats wrong with my present conditions, but trying to make up a diagnosis related to mental health issues, hypochondriac, and i felt like i was going to get the same answers as b4.

i was tested for b12 and cbc blood count, but i do not have access to those results. when i requested other vitamin tests, she refused, i also requested lyme(because my symptoms only fit the neuro portion, now that i have limited joint pain). The parasthesiasins and needle, spider web on arm and leg feeling, tickling,prickling, pin priks, coldness feeling,some joint issues) these are constant everyday, there were days where they subside, and when i wake up. loss of sensations prevents me from feeling (if im about throw up acid). abnormal sensations of my right hands. i do not have numbness, loss of pain or itching, but i am certain thats coming next. Any ideas its lupus.i am in college, and i had to drop a class so i can deal and try to find out what my mysterious neurological condtions is..
My pcp thinks this is also hypochondria, because i stupidly told her i had kaiser records, before turning to WELFARE.
You wouldve think that sudden loss would warrant an immediate red flag, but she/they are not taking my condition seriously
i am currently taking 4000IU, (2x2000Iu) per day. and taking b12 (1000IU prophylactic, i don't have test results for this yet.
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Oh wow! That sounds terrible! Where is the rash? If you have it on your cheeks, that's a big sign of lupus. B12 causes a lot of neuro symptoms too. Especially the pins and needles. Try to get your hands on methyl-b12. It's absorbed much easier by the body than generic b12 (which has cyanide in it!) Are you a vegetarian by any chance? B12 is found mainly in meat! It could also be fibromyalgia.. Ask your doc about that. Good luck!!
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I dont have the typical signs other than the neuropathy issues. I am aware of the forms of b12, i had a blood test but was unable to see the results.
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How do you feel now?
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How do you feel now??
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