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stressed to say the least honestly.

Hi everybody I'm new to the site.

I'm beck.

Almost two months ago I had weight loss surgery and I've been extremely week since surgery and its just gotten worse and it's been hard to work and even walk for 5 minutes without ceiling totally just weak like flu symptoms and I'm like sweating and trembling in the middle of winter from weakness this is pretty confusing to me because even at my heaviest I didn't feel this type of weakness and I'm 26 and before surgery on my blood work came back normal. Last week I got blood work done at my primary doctor and they found that I have a vitamin D deficiency I think they said it was 15. Dizziness before this I never really worried about vitamins and now they're a huge part of my life and I didn't have the best recovery. And I'm still not due to this and I was in the hospital for dehydration and weakness and I'm not used to eating on a schedule and having to drink a certain amount of water and protein intake throughout the day and I started to let things slip and wasn't taking my vitamins properly and now I'm in the spot where I'm having a hard time eating and I can't go to the gym because I'm weak I couldn't possibly without fainting. I also suffered from being bipolar and having OCD and I had to stop one of my medications because I wasn't tolerating it well after surgery and this weakness is starting to go to my head and I'm kind of in the depression from it I'm having hard time at work because it's an active job and when I do manage to make it there I'm constantly having to sit because I'm so fatigue I can't manage I don't want to get fired and I don't want to go on disability I haven't even started treatment in this area yet because I see the doctor on Monday and I'm reading that some people say it takes up to 6 months to get back to normal levels and I'm just really nervous and scared about what I'm going to do if it really takes that long I had no idea that deficiency could make you feel this way I also found out that my iron is low so I'm assuming that I might be anemic not positive though I was borderline anemic before surgery so I'm thinking that it's probably like that now  also I don't know much about vitamin supplements in general I thought taking in calcium pills would help with my vitamin D I thought they were practically the same I wasn't able to start taking the calcium and a half and then because the horse pills and I just got cleared to start taking pills normally again Tuesday I'm just really confused about exactly how it works do you take a vitamin D supplement and calcium supplements I know this probably sounds silly but yeah I really would like some advice because again I don't know much about vitamin supplements for the first time in my life I am trying to really live healthy and I went through this dramatic change to be able to be more active and healthy and feel good and not weak and tired and in pain and now I'm just scared because I'm stuck in this spot now and I'm going back into depression because it's starting to just go to my head and I'm starting to think I'm not going to feel good again and maybe I'm doing something else wrong and why didn't I do things better directly after surgery and is just starting to become an obsession and also my lack of knowledge is driving me crazy anyway thanks for reading this and taking the time and any advice would be very much appreciate it Thanks. B
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