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B6 or B12 deficiency? Geographic tongue and itchy scalp

I have aymptoms of geographic tongue and severely itchy scalp. My B6 is 9.6 ug/L with a 2.0-32.8 range, my B12 is 464 with a 211-946 range.

They tell me those levels are "normal". The funny thing is, the B6 range was flagged at the lab and the doc still told me normal.

My white blood count is high (11.7, 4.3-11.0 range)and so is my folate (18.8. 3.1-17.5). I've heard B12 deficiency is masked with a high folate.

I should also mention 3 years ago I had very heavy periods that resulted in a blood transfusion. Is it possible I depleted all my nutrients and it's just now showing up in symptoms? I'm at my wit's end with these doctors.  
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Well, geographic tongue isn't at all harmful, so no problem there.  Don't know why those nutrients would be implicated in what sounds like dry scalp.  Something that happened 3 years ago would have gone back to normal soon after.  If you have B12 problems, you would be fatigued, for one thing.  If you had B6 problems, you'd probably be having nerve problems and mood problems.  Got any of those?  
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I'm fatigued and mood swings. Geographic tongue swells and gets sores on it, so pretty painful
Not sure the sores and swelling is due to that problem, but if you're having these problems, especially the fatigue and mood swings, you then have to ask, is this a chronic problem you've had for a long time or did it arise since you've found you might have some B problems.  The numbers aren't pathologically low, which is why your docs haven't pegged that as a problem.  Some people have a genetic defect that makes absorbing and using B12, folate, and B6 properly, or one of them or two of them.  Most who have this defect don't show any problems, and you're not showing those problems in the numbers, but it's possibly something to pursue further.  You can try supplementing with B12 and B6, it's easy to do, but don't overdo the B6 -- too much can lead to neurological problems in some people.  B12 is usually best taken sublingually in the methylcobalamin form -- the others don't absorb as well.  It this helps a lot, you've found your problem.  Are you a vegan or vegetarian?  B12 is hard to get in those diets if you don't add some form of animal food, such as dairy or fish as B12 doesn't appear in much plant food.  Low levels or low absorption could also explain high folate -- the three are in balance together to control homocysteine, and too much or too little of one can throw off the others.  But a warning, this isn't going to be easy to get diagnosed by a professional as, again, your numbers aren't showing you're pathologically low.  Have no idea about the tongue and scalp issues, though.  How's your diet?  
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