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Could low vit D or some other vitamine be the cause?

I'm posting here, because it seems that people with vitamin D deficiency have similar problems to mine.

I've been experiencing a sort of swaying feeling for seven months. This is a daily occurence.
Three months in I started experiencing bouts of nausea.
For the past two months other symptoms appeared. I've been feeling sort of faint, various muscels have been twitching, two knuckles on my right hand started to get inflammed and started hurting.
Sometimes I experience anxiety-like symptoms without actually beeing anxious (heavy breathing, rapid heart beat).

Standard blood tests were fine, the ENT found nothing, neither did the neurologist. The MRI was clear, as was the EKG and the thyroid test.

Could vitamin D be the problem?
Do doctors realy not take this seariously? Did you have to insist to get your levels checked?

Thank you.
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Sounds like it could be Chronic fatigue!
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I hope not :) That seems like a cop out diagnosis :)
This is what bugs me about Chronic fatigue:

-Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness.

I do have knuckle pain, but also swelling and redness. Not all the time, but sporadically.

Thanks for your answer.
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Hi :) If all the tests you had done were all clear and normal.. Then i would say it's to do with Anxiety..  I used to suffer with bad anxiety and would get the symptoms you describe!  I would make an appointment to discuss this with your Doctor, if you havent already :) good luck!
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P.s Plus with the feeling of swaying, you may have an inner ear complaint!  Get yourself checked, good luck :)
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Did you get copies of your blood test results?

Low normal range can still have symptoms. They will tell you all is normal.

I had low D. I had to supplement with over the counter D3, magnesium, Vitamin K2 daily to raise my levels.

Low D and low magnesium WILL cause anxiety, heart palpitations, fatigue, muscle/bone pain, dizziness, insomnia, headaches, muscle twitches, brain fog...etc.

No doctors won't take it too seriously.

My CT scan was normal and they couldn't explain why I still felt horrible.

You can also feel awful if iron/ferritin, B12, potassium...is low. It's a balance between vitamins and minerals. It can throw everything off.

My Vintamin D 25OH test was 19ng/mL in September. They tell you normal lab range is 30-100ng/mL. Anything below 50 isn't good.

You should insist on getting copies of test results. I supplemented for a few months then re-tested. My D3 raised to 61ng/mL at Jan test. I need to test again soon to see if my levels are holding steady. That way I can see what amount I need to take for maintenance.  

If you do need supplements, choose ones without soy or sunflower oil. Only take D3. You can also get UVB sun rays in many areas during this time till around end of September. Roughly between hours of 10am-3pm.

Take magnesium along with it. Magnesium is responsible for muscles and many other functions. My anxiety was through the roof when D was low. D and magnesium have eased things a lot.
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