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How many pills is too many?

Hello all! (Feel free to skip ahead to the next paragraph where my actual question is; this is mostly background info). I recently had some blood work done for PCOS and was found to have an insufficient level in Vitamin D (25-OH) (level of 23, with a normal range being 30-100 ng/mL) and to be on the low side of Vitamin B 12 (333 pg/mL with the normal range being 200-1100). My doctor didn't seem too concerned with the Vitamin B-12, but it only helped to justify my suspicions that the severe depression and anxiety I've been feeling for the last three months, plus the other strange symptoms I've been having (tingling on face, extreme fatigue and lightheadedness, periodic blurry vision), are due to a low B-12 level. I've also been having chronic vaginal infections; it's been suggested that this could be a result of low D levels, so I was intrigued to see my blood work results come back low in these areas.

Anyway, my actual question is whether I'm taking too many supplements and if it's safe to take them at the same time (or if it's better to spread them out over the day, which I prefer not to do because I'm forgetful). Here's everything I'm taking:

- Birth control pill
- multivitamin
- probiotics (55 billion)
- Sublingual B-12 1,200 mcg daily

I want to incorporate 5,000 IU of D3 and also possibly start daily lysine, as it's suggested that it may help ward off cold sores. Is this excessive? I just want to stop feeling so dizzy and run down all the time!

Thank you for reading my long post and for your insight. :)
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There's no problem with what you're taking, but the Vitamin D is probably too high a dose.  Also realize that taking high amounts of B12 for any length of time can affect levels of other B vitamins, particularly folic acid and B6, as they're in balance in a healthy body.  You might want to try changing your diet to get these that way in part, and a half hour a day in peak sunshine will give you all the D you need.  Make sure the B12 is a well-absorbed form -- avoid the cyano-cobalamin form.  Make sure the Vitamin D is D3.  Remember some of these are also in your multi.  Make sure the probiotic contains reuteri and acidophlus, the most important for yeast infections, and that they have been kept refrigerated from supplier to retailer to your home, where you also should keep them in the refrigerator.  Eating food from the ocean should be very helpful to you, and freshwater algae such as spirulina are good ways to get some D and B12.
Thank you very much for your input!
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