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I.V. Mayer Cocktail Solutions

I'm working on adding vitamins to an I.V. drip. I need to know what the ratio of powder supplement to liquid dilutant is. I've seen many different approaches to the Mayer Cocktail but each one had different products measurements.
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The Myer's Cocktail is only one of a variety of these things people are selling out there.  This particular one is a select number of common vitamins that help people who aren't digesting their food well enough.  But you say you're already on an IV?  Because this cocktail isn't self-administered, it's given in a clinic where they hopefully know how to do a slow-drip and how to put in an IV properly so you don't get an infection.  If you're already on one, that means you have some kind of serious illness that requires it, and you have to check with your specialist to make sure your body can handle a very large amount of vitamins in your bloodstream that is way way above what you need on a daily basis, and this one is only given a couple times a week.  If I were going to try this, I'd only do it with a capable professional, probably a physician who also practices integrated medicine, so I know they aren't going to do me harm.  I'd also be aware that many vitamins given by practitioners aren't actually the most absorbable form of them.  This treatment was invented by a specific guy, Dr. Myers, and after he died, by Dr. Gaby, so these are the people to look at as primary sources, but they administered it, they didn't have their patients do it themselves.  
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